Curious about Zevia

Saw the ad on zevia (stevia sweetened soda's). I am a Coke (Coca-cola) lover/addict. It is a real problem for me. I know that WATER of course is the best choice, and a daily requirement to live healthy. I just want to know what people thought of this soda. It would be wonderful if I could replace what cokes I drink with Zevia. I am very picky about the taste of different sodas. Is there any comparison? So the soda flavor, does it taste anything like the real thing? I don't even like coke zero.
I would love to just try one, but it's not that easy. I looked up the current retailers and there's none in my city. Now, there is in a city that's a little over 30 miles away. I just don't want to waste a trip.
Please let me know what you think if you've tried Zevia! And the more descriptive, the better. I won't like it if it tastes sweet enough yet tastes flat, or if it has a crazy after taste, etc.
I was really excited to read about this soda... it could really make a difference, if I were to like it. :drinker:
Thanks for any feedback!!!


  • Jambe
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    May I recommend sparkling flavored water? Do you like cherry coke? Black Cherry sparkling water tastes just like cherry coke.

    Key Lime tastes just like sprite.

    Cranberry Apple tastes just like martinellis apple cider.

    Pineapple Coconut tastes like pineapple soda.


    Most grocery stores sell liters for like 79cents... and walmart sells 2 liters for 99 cents. Be wary of this one brand though that just tastes like garbage. Can't remember off the top of my head but they're a little more expensive and bigger and from a major water company.

    They taste FAR better than diet soda. 0 calories. No sugar and most have little to no sodium, and no caffeine.
  • lhanley163
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    I have yet to find something to replace my beloved Coca Cola . I am trying to quit. I have gotten better I don’t drink it every day. They say the cravings go away but mine for Coca Cola never have
  • thisPGHlife
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    If you're a coca cola addict your will be very disappointed by Zevia. The product itself isn't bad but if you don't mind stevia flavor but it will make you miss coke even more. What about doing diet Coke or Coke zero?
  • L1zardQueen
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    I don’t like them. It has a funny aftertaste to me. Coke Zero FTW!
  • dangerousdashie
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    I am a recovered coca cola addict. I love Zevia cola. I’m sure it tastes different but I wouldn’t know as I haven’t had a coke in 10 years probably. I remember noticing an after taste in the beginning which was lessened when I ate it with food. They changed their formula but also I think my tastes changed as I cut out sugar and carbs. Now it tastes like how I remember coke tasting.
  • singingflutelady
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    I know this is a zombie thresd but Zevia has a strong stevia taste. Yucky. Coke zero for the win.
  • Millicent3015
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    Soda is water. It's just been carbonated and had a bit of flavouring and colour added. It's not really that different to sparkling flavoured water, except that those tend to use natural rather than artificial flavourings. Both types count toward your daily fluid intake.