Working out at home - anyone else?

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Finding motivation to workout at home is rough. I live 30 mins from any gym and the weather isn’t the greatest here to workout outside. Add me if you also workout from home 😁 looking for others in the same boat so we can motivate each other and share home workout ideas


  • TavistockToad
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    What are your goals?

    Training is a lot easier when you have sonething to train for.
  • yoko4570
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    When i had my first big go around I always had the weird thing of needing to do both at home workout and at the gym. Sometimes i could only be motivated at home other times at the gym. But any who yes im with you for the home gym!
  • k_renee24
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    I’m in the same boat! I live too far from a gym to make the drive worth it but finding motivation to work out at home is so hard. I also don’t have any equipment or anything so if I do work out it’s always a failed attempt of watching YouTube workout videos on my phone or doing a lot of jumping jacks...
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    I workout occasionally at home for either my second workout or if I missed the gym in the morning. Do you have some gym equipment at home?
  • GoodLardy
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    I love working out at home. I don’t have to comb my hair and don’t even need to wear shoes or bra if I don’t feel like it. I have a rower, treadmill, pull up bar, and lighter dumbbells. I don’t want to spend the time driving to a gym and I don’t want to spend the energy smiling and making small talk there. I used to work at a gym, so I’m at least able to compare. I don’t have to get a sitter for my children if I workout at home. I have more motivation to workout at home, the thought of a gym is a motivation killer for me.
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    Evening all! Please feel free to add for encouragement and motivation. Looking forward to a great goal week and to lose 2-3 lbs with strong strength and cardio!
  • rupshaw
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    I work out at home daily, typically in the morning and then get a few sets in at the gym after work. I have a home gym and do a lot of body weight routines.
  • puttingme1
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    I do. I inherited a elliptic bike combo machine from someone who never used it.
  • SabAteNine
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    I work out at home as well. Started with a dumbbell set (22 lbs each) in April, got a barbell, plates, a bench, more plates... and now I reaaaally need a rack.

    The closest gym is just 15 minutes away, but those are enough for excuses. I prefer it this way to be honest... and I love the weekends, when I can wake up, have a coffee, and just do my thing. Because I have the time then, weekends are my volume training days (upper / lower split).

    Plus it's always nice to have some weights close by for when you get real pissed and have to take it out somehow... preferably not on someone. :smiley:

  • RachelElser
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    I prefer to work out at home so I can shower and change right into PJs! I have an elliptical that I use.
  • srecupid
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    On my exercise bike right now watching shameless on my PC. Makes it pretty easy and no excuses
  • steveko89
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    I exclusively workout at home because I just don't like other people or leaving my house that much. In 2012 I started with an adjustable dumbbell set and a door frame pull-up bar and have accumulated a good bit more and taken over a good -sized section of our basement. In addition to not worrying about other people, the flexibility of getting in a workout whenever I feel like it, with the added efficiency of not wasting time commuting somewhere is a huge plus to me and definitely contributes to working out consistently. Between accumulating pieces over time and being frugal to fault, I could replicate the necessities of my setup tomorrow for ~$750; $1800 and I'd have everything I use on a regular basis. Even going to a Planet Fitness-esque gym would be what? At least $160/year? For what I would view as a lesser experience.
  • Barfly57
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    If I had to get dressed and go to a gym I'd never workout. I have a set-up in the garage: adjustable dumbells, barbell and plates, and a rack I cobbled together from 2x12s and some pipe from the home store. Anyone who sees the car in the driveway knows I'm "at the gym" and leaves me alone.
  • her4g63
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    I workout at home too and love everything about it. The gym seemed so intimidating at first so I knew I'd find a million excuses not to go and finding the time to get all the way there was just hard so we invested in a squat rack, barbell and a few other bars, bench, plates, dumbbells, etc.
    It's been great not having to leave home and still doin' work (:
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    I workout at home because I have an aversion to getting into my car and driving to a gym. All my cardio is outside regardless of weather for the most part. I have a bowflex (gasp, it's old, I'm old), free weights, pull up bar, a treadmill and an exercise for bike for those below 0 degree days when I just don't want to go outside. I have 2 rambunctious dogs that need outdoor time every day. They are my motivators.
  • ecjim
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    I lift at home - I have a room set aside with a squat rack - bench & weights. It's very convienient , I can do a full training session or just do a few lifts for a few minutes on an off day.
  • kami3006
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    I have a home gym and use it regularly. Love being able to lift at my convenience, with my music blasting, dressed however I like.
  • BZAH10
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    I may be entirely wrong (wouldn't be the first time) but given your profile pic and username it seems that you were at one time into Crossfit. Probably the gym environment and group workouts suited you. I can relate. I love the gym. Did you recently move? Regardless, think about what specific activities you enjoy doing and recreate the atmosphere at home, if possible.

    Then make sure you have a set time for your workout and a plan. Treat your home workout exactly as if you were going to a gym. That may help.
  • kimmurden1
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    I love working out at home. I can do it on my terms when I’m ready each day - gives me tons of flexibility. I love to track progress. I wear a HRM and tonight I completed several exercises in the series using a higher weight than previously used - that keeps me motivated to keep going. Right now I’m using the 21 Day Fix series - I love that they change each day and they provide options from beginner to advanced. I like Autumn and I’m seeing results.