How do you keep motivated??

Morning all 😘

I’m just wondering if anyone would like to talk about how they keep motivated and on track ??

Does anyone have any good tips or suggestions for other people ?
How have you managed to reach your goals, have you reached them, or do you just want some support from others. Feel free to openley talk about success or trouble with weight wether it be weight loss weight gain or staying at your current weight.

Look forward to hearing from you all 😘😘


  • Vonny198334
    Vonny198334 Posts: 178 Member
    I've never really had any....perhaps during the first few weeks?

    My "click" moment was when I realised it was all about building good habits. Sounds simple (yet hard) & boring but in reality, it's the only way to go.

    Small steps regarding reducing calories, small steps increasing exercise, incrementally pushing myself rather than going full throttle from the get all adds up.

    I weigh food on the scale/log & put on my workout clothes the same way I brush my teeth. No real thought, just go ahead & do it!

    Last thing I want is to reach my 110lb loss goal (86 gone so far) only to put it back on again so I needed to accept this is life now. That means I have to make it as pleasant as possible & not the medieval torture I believed weight loss to be my entire life haha

    There are things you can do to spur you on for smaller clothes, feeling healthier, looking better, only doing your favourite parts of a workout if you really can't be bothered (if you choose to exercise, not necessary), counting up all those delicious NSVs, looking forward to your favourite food knowing it's all accounted for calorie wise....the list goes on & the rewards for me personally have been so many I can't quantify them!

    I guess to sum up, you have to think about why you want to do this & decide how important it is to you. If losing some weight would enhance your life more than excess food, what better "motivation" is there?

    Best best luck!

  • 88olds
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    @Vonny198334 has given you some very good advice.

    I want to add that motivation is fleeting. It’s too unreliable to sustain something as long term as weight loss. Try to break your plan into things to do everyday, like planning a menu and keeping your food diary.

    You can’t control the scale but you can try to control the process. If you find your plan doesn’t work out for a particular day or situation, problem solve and make it better. Trust the process.
  • manowarrule2003
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    Motivation comes in ebs and flows, like happiness, hunger and satisfaction. Its in the doing that change happens. So even if sometimes you dont feel like sticking to your plan, just do it.
  • rebbylicious
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    Focus on how you are feeling before you start to focus on weight loss/gain. I notice how certain foods and exercise gives me energy or makes me feel like crap.
  • amgreenwell
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    I want to be healthy and I want to share a healthy lifestyle with my kids and husband. Motivation is within so I don't know any tips or tricks. Either you can get up in the morning and make the decisions to do right or you can't. I know that sounds pessimistic but it's true. No one can do this for me, only I can do this for me. So, that's what I choose to do. Wake each morning, make the best decisions I can and live with the mistakes I make.
    I'm very close to my goal weight but I haven't been able to exercise since May and that lack of daily exercise has weighed heavily on me. Normally I would eat my sorrows away but I took that loss and made it a gain by counting/logging/watching everything I put in my mouth.
  • ShayCarver89
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    I just think about the fact that time is going to pass whether its a good or bad day. But if I give up, in a month I'll regret it. Because I'll realize 'wow..look at all the time I wasted.' It passed anyway. Wasted or not. Also there is always tomorrow. I try to not let the number on the scale get me down because hey. There's always tomorrow.
  • rileyskye1
    rileyskye1 Posts: 38 Member
    Youtube with weight loss success stories and following those that have had success ao i can learn from them.
    Looking at pictures of myself
    The idea that 1 lb a week is still 48 lbs in a year which is where i was 4 years ago. And 1.5 lbs a week is 72 lbs in a year.
    This community page
    Fitbit tracking but focusing on calories burned not steps (i have an office job sitting all day so 10,000 steps seemed impossible and was demotivating)
    Only doing excercise i like and can do not trying to force myself to do what may work but i hate
  • melto1989
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    I take it 1 week at a time, seeing the scale go down also helps stay motivated. My main motivation is get to my goal weight before my 30th in 4months. I spent the last 10 years over weight and enough's enough I'm sick or being depressed about it.
    I also was pregnant this time last year and diagnosed with gestational diabetes which scared the crap out of me so had to fix my diet because it makes me 50% more likely to get type 2 diabetes so that is a massive motivation for losing weight and eating right. I was never really good at changing my eating habits until I was forced to on the special pregnancy diabetes diet.