Fast food lunch. Best option



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    I generally have around 400 calories for lunch. I have not really struggled to find choices at most places. A regular burger, side salad with vinaigrette dressing and unsweetened iced tea usually fits that. Wendy's baked potato and a side salad are a meatless choice I have had.
    Chain fast food places have nutrition listed online and some have calorie counts right on the menu. Figure out the amount of calories you want and make a choice.
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    Soooo.... What did you have?? We need to know who the winner is :lol:
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    I like the southwest salad with grilled chicken at McD's for a healthy/low calorie fast food lunch.
    It is supposed to come with a cilantro lime glaze (though I'm finding that's not consistent lately depending on which store you go to), the glaze is included in the calories listed on McD's website. IF they actually put the glaze on their, I find I don't need to add any dressing (extra calories) to it.
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    Limiting to fast food, I go for a couple of chicken soft tacos fresco style from Taco Bell. They are 140 cals each with a decent macro mix. Taco Bell always rates pretty highly for eating fast food on a diet because so many items have a decent amount of veggies, dairy, fiber and protein and reasonable portions (if you don't get one of their numbered meals).

    If I get taco bell, depending on how I am feeling about my carbs, I either go steak power burrito or steak power burrito bowl, no rice, double meat :)
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    My favorite fast food lunch is El Pollo Loco's double chicken avocado salad. They have a lot of other great choices on the menu, too, but I love that salad.
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    I love chic fil as grilled chicken sandwich with some honey mustard on top! Not too high calorie, a little veggies, carbs and lots of protein. Just avoid those waffle fries lol... I also like subways BMT. Usually if I eat out anywhere else I’ve always ordered off the kids menu, I have a thing for chicken nuggets.
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    jilrayme wrote: »
    My favorite fast food lunch is El Pollo Loco's double chicken avocado salad. They have a lot of other great choices on the menu, too, but I love that salad.

    Me too, though it is kinda overpriced it is super filling and doesn’t feel like I’m being deprived!
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    WinoGelato wrote: »
    I can find something to fit my needs where ever. Chicken sandwiches and small fries are usually my go to in drive thrus. I also like Panda Express - a Panda bowl with steamed veggies and teriyaki chicken is tasty and filling right around 370. Just skip the diet soda and drink ALL THE WATER.

    Why does someone need to skip the diet soda?

    Fair, they don't have to. Personally, when I eat something sodium laden like the teriyaki bowl mentioned, I find it best to drink water instead - I realize there isn't a ton of sodium in diet soda but there is a ton in Panda Express.
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    Double order of Flying Dutchmen at In-n-Out.
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    If you do Taco Bell ask for fresco style. They’ll replace the sour cream with pico and some other things I think. Drops the cals and still good. Not that sour cream is bad. IFFYM go for whatever
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    For the record, I legit ate a regular order of fried cheese curds at Culver's for lunch Sunday.
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    For the record, I legit ate a regular order of fried cheese curds at Culver's for lunch Sunday.

    They are awesome. It is not hard to debread them at the right temperature if desired.
  • missysippy930
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    Subway 6” veggie delight no cheese on wheat with red wine vinegar. Turkey on it sometimes too.
    I also like Dairy Queen grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo.
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    At Wendy's, I like their salads. The 'half' size is a decent amount of food for me. Will sometimes get a 4 piece nuggets (about 190 cals) as well.

    Subway, many of their sandwiches can 'fit' in my calories depending on my mood. A 6" ham or turkey & cheese is about 320-360. A 6" tuna w/ cheddar is about 540.

    McD's, I get the filet o fish & small fries. Higher 'lunch' around 700. Or I get a kids meal for about 400.

    Chick Fil A, either grilled nuggets or the grilled chicken sandwich. And I LOVE their super food salad.

    Taco Bell, one of their steak or chicken cantina bowls. Cals range from 300-550 or so depending on whether or not you adjust the toppings. (I take out the rice, beans.) Or 3 tacos for about 515 w/ sauce.

    Panda Express has lots of options. You do have to assume they are giving you the proper amount on the portion, but there is assumption any time someone else is preparing/portioning your food. I'll do half steamed veggies & half white rice on my side.


    As for eating the exercise cals, its a personal choice. Judge by how you feel but also consider how aggressively your calorie goal is set. If you are using MFP (which sets your goal BEFORE exercise) and aiming for a 1000 calorie deficit you'll probably need to eat more of your exercise calories than if you're only aiming for a 250 deficit. And if you're doing something like training for a half marathon and trying to survive on 1400 cals a day, you'll likely find your training suffers.
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    My go to is Chick-fil-a grilled market salad with balsamic vinaigrette or 8 count nuggets (bonus if I order them grilled), plus side salad. Unsweet tea with lemon.
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    My go to fast food (but you still have to get out of your car) is Moe's burrito bowls. There's no actual edible bowl, but you get the burrito fillings in a bowl you eat out of and then throw away. Also at Wendy's the 4 for 4 chicken sandwich is like 330 calories. I give the fries and nuggets to my kids. Mcdonald's a chicken snack wrap, burger king a regular burger is less than 300. Taco Bell a 7 layer burrito is like 440 (maybe 470?)
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    Also subway is a great option. The turkey breast is 580 for an entire footlong.
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    Wendy's Grilled Chicken Go Wrap, hold the honey mustard, add regular mustard. 230 calories.
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    I like to order kid's meals if allowed. If I'm eating fast food it's usually because I'm driving for a long period of time so a 400 calorie happy meal is appropriate.

    Also, Taco Bell is the ambrosia of Bacchus. Whoever insulted it obviously has never had a doubledilla and cinnabites at 2 am after a night of activities.