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What are you binge watching?



  • cunning_linguistcunning_linguist Member Posts: 281 Member Member Posts: 281 Member
  • Jay_d2020Jay_d2020 Member Posts: 2,924 Member Member Posts: 2,924 Member
    Brooklyn nine-nine
  • MrsNJones0811MrsNJones0811 Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member
    The Blacklist. In the summer I stopped watching but now that it’s fall and rainy in Minnesota I’ve gotten more time to catch up! I’m obsessed!
  • gregnixon698gregnixon698 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
  • cdlee4cdlee4 Member Posts: 507 Member Member Posts: 507 Member
    I've now started This is Us
  • Bullet_with_Butterfly_WingsBullet_with_Butterfly_Wings Member Posts: 5,545 Member Member Posts: 5,545 Member
    Brooklyn nine-nine

    Andy Samberg cracks me up 😄
  • lililomo2lililomo2 Member Posts: 250 Member Member Posts: 250 Member
    al jazeera. we alllll know what happened to Jamal Khashoggi. disgusting on too many levels. the truth will be revealed *hopefully* sooner than later
  • jjpptt2jjpptt2 Member Posts: 5,229 Member Member Posts: 5,229 Member
    Finished the first season of Sneaky Pete over the weekend. Was ok... good enough to keep me watching, but not so good to really engross me. Not sure about season 2, but I need something to start Wednesday...
  • ghudson92ghudson92 Member Posts: 2,062 Member Member Posts: 2,062 Member
    The Affair. I am addicted!
  • dcresiderdcresider Member Posts: 1,065 Member Member Posts: 1,065 Member
    Last season's Walking Dead. Need to catch up.
  • 4legsRbetterthan24legsRbetterthan2 Member, MFP Moderator, Greeter, Premium Posts: 18,968 MFP Moderator Member, MFP Moderator, Greeter, Premium Posts: 18,968 MFP Moderator
    the 90s, it is pretty interesting to see a documentary on stuff that I lived through, but was too young to really understand the significance of alot of it.
  • amykay9377amykay9377 Member Posts: 95 Member Member Posts: 95 Member
    cdlee4 wrote: »
    I've now started This is Us

    Don’t forget the tissues

    WORD! Happy, sad, funny, poignant, you're gonna need those tissues!

    I don't really binge except on the treadmill (because in real life, I don't have any time!); my current treadmill binge is rewatching Friends in order. I've made it to season 7 (or 8? After the wedding and baby daddy reveal).
  • WJS_jeepsterWJS_jeepster Member Posts: 224 Member Member Posts: 224 Member
    The Great British baking show, just started The Office, Bojack Horseman the new season, Somebody feed Phil plus a bunch of "amazing homes" shows that are kind of all interchangeable. I am trying to watch Supernatural, but end up just jumping around and watching favorites over and over again like "The French Mistake".
  • hesn92hesn92 Member Posts: 5,882 Member Member Posts: 5,882 Member
    the walking dead... unfortunately lol... I hate this freaking show. So stupid. My husband wants to watch it though.
  • torabelle79torabelle79 Member Posts: 63 Member Member Posts: 63 Member
    The good place. Love this!!
  • VersicolourVersicolour Member Posts: 6,881 Member Member Posts: 6,881 Member
    Call the midwife.

    I really like it.

    I love this too!
  • VersicolourVersicolour Member Posts: 6,881 Member Member Posts: 6,881 Member
    I'm rewatching Stargate SG-1. Then it will be Stargate Atlantis (which was my actual goal.... Ronin)
  • CttyMoarCttyMoar Member Posts: 64 Member Member Posts: 64 Member
    Currently drooling over Son's of Anarchy.
  • BlowPopKissesBlowPopKisses Member Posts: 1,482 Member Member Posts: 1,482 Member
    Just finished The Haunting of Hill House, liked it bunches and I may have screamed and or jumped 2 or 8x's.
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