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    Well that's a game changer. I have been weighing the pasta after cooking. And thinking about it now...of course a wet noodle is going to be heavier. :#

    I mentioned it because it is a common mistake starting out with logging things like pasta or rice.

    Yeah, if she's weighing 56g/serving of cooked then no wonder it's not filling. Weighing dry will fix the issue. Though there are still some nice alternatives on the thread.
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    lentil pasta or black bean pasta! they sell them at trader joes. they're not exactly healthy but a healthier alternative to the real thing.
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    I don't like pasta as a flavor, but I like the idea of pasta as a vehicle of sorts for things like sauces and curries. So not eating wheat pasta isn't an issue for me, but I love things like butternut squash or zucchini noodles. A lot of stores sell them pre-spiralized, but a spiralizer is a handy kitchen tool.
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    I have pasta sparingly, because you only get literally a taste at serving size. And I usually eat double the serving size which is over my structured amount of calories with the other parts of the meal. (I like to have 300ish cal for breakfast/300ish cal for lunch and 600 cal for dinner and some small snacks).

    Does anyone know of any other food items that maybe more vegetarian or even vegan that are noodle like? I should invest in a veggie spiral gadget.

    I haven't got a spiralizer, but the supermarkets near me carry spiralized noodles. Caveat: I have not tried them in Italian recipes, but in a stirfry with a sweet-and-sour sauce, turnip noodles are amazing. They're also good roasted with a bit of oil and some salt, pepper, and thyme.

    I've come to love butternut squash noodles roasted with either rosemary or Chinese 5-spice powder.

    Zucchini noodles are available, but I find I prefer my zuke sliced or chopped in a stirfry. I didn't care for beet—might have used the wrong seasonings. And I've yet to try carrot or sweet potato.
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    I tend to mix real pasta and spiralized veggies. That way that 200 calorie serving of pasta gets stretched. By the way, spaghetti squash roasted then tossed with some bacon, peas, and topped with a poached egg and some parm is like the best lower calorie comfort food. The yolk becomes your sauce when you cut into the egg and the parm and bacon make it feel like a treat.
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    Another +1 for spiralising veg. Plus where I am, you can get butternut squash lasagne sheets which I thought sounded revolting until I tried them!
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    I use veggie noodles if I just want more "pasta" bulk or I add a bunch of veggies to the sauce, on top, or as a side. Pasta has now become a side dish and not the main course pretty much.
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    tiffyork wrote: »
    lentil pasta or black bean pasta! they sell them at trader joes. they're not exactly healthy but a healthier alternative to the real thing.

    For some reason, the black bean pasta is so gross to me. But I enjoy the chickpea pasta (I buy the Banza brand). I almost can't tell the difference between it and traditional pasta, but it has a lot more protein.

    (Note: if the issue is calories, this won't help. They're about the same).