Favourite cheat food?!

So we all have a favourite naughty food haha what’s yours? A few of mine: pizza, snickers, tacos and burritos, raisin toast omg, ice cream, I could go on for days lol

I’m cutting atm and talking about food helps in an odd way. I follow a flexible dieting approach and am planning to have some chicken tacos tomorrow :D also add me if you’d like, I was locked out of my old account and looking to build my friends list back up!


  • mmapags
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    I don't cheat. I eat what I want within my goals for either loss, maintenance or gain.
  • lalalacroix
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    I don't really believe in the whole good food/bad food idea. But there is one food that I don't moderate well so I pretty much never eat it. It's the Chester Cheeto Puffs. I could eat a whole bag in one sitting easily, which is somewhere are 800 calories.

    Chester Cheeto Puffs are crunchy. After the crunch they kinda melt in my mouth. And then there's that fakey cheesey taste. Yum!

    Btw I was also locked out of my old account. You can add me if you like.
  • Tennisskater
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    I have trigger foods I can never eat...costco cake, cheese cake, cinnamon rolls and donuts waaah of well at least I can remember how they taste! If I want to cheat then its loading on up on veggies and other healthy items
  • PixelPuff
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    My account password wasn't working, but I just used 'Forgot password'. Is that not working for others?

    My favorite cheat:
    Rice. My gods, I can go through so much rice, I've had to cut down on actually having it at all.
  • admaarie
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    Like other posters have said, I try not to have the good vs bad food mentality, and don’t consider eating foods that are not as nutrient dense as “chests”... BUUUT anything deep fried is my *kitten*.
    Fries, mozzarella cheese sticks, those pretzels from the pretzel stands, wings, etc lol
  • jamesjeffsmith
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    Half an herb bagel with a little cream cheese and pumpkin spice or almond butter every 2 weeks or so.
  • Evamutt
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    once in a while i eat too much but I don't really have "cheat foods" per say. When I want higher calorie foods I work them into the day
  • Running2Fit
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    I don't have any off-limits foods but I do love Chipotle and it's usually a bit of a cheat day for me - I usually borrow a few calories from the day before or after to make it work.
  • missysippy930
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    No food is off limits for me. I can pretty much overeat most food, I kind of love it all. Am working on moderation of all foods, working it into my daily calories and trying to focus on portion control. Some foods are definitely harder to resist than others, but it’s just the way it has to be for me. A sustainable long term goal is to recognize daily calorie intake to reach goal weight and smooth transitioning into maintaining the weight loss. Easier said than done.
  • Whitezombiegirl
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    I think I'm different from most people. I dislike food. All food. I dislike the process of eating, it makes me feel gross and always has. It's nothing I need therapy for because it doesn't really impact my life. I eat when I have to.

    I try to tempt myself with indulgent food like chocolate, cookies and ice cream but they are never really worth it. They never taste as good as I hope they will.
  • PKM0515
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    Angel hair pasta with butter and salt.
    Cake/cupcakes (esp. yellow cake with vanilla or mocha buttercream).
    Kraft macaroni and cheese.
    Cheez Doodles.
  • GottaBurnEmAll
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    I don't eat them often, because it's hard to get them reliably gluten free, so it's french fries. I don't consider them a cheat, it's just that it's rarely that I'm in a situation where I can enjoy them. As for making them myself? I've tried, they just don't come out as good at home.