Been Here for AGES!


I have been here for ages, been very inconsistent but, that needs to change so, having a cook session over the weekend, next week will be better prepared for with meals in the freezer to fall back on when life doesnt go to plan.

Hopefully I shall get back into water on Monday to exercise nothing major just float and move for first week or, more if needed.

God bless you



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    I have been here a long time as well. Started in 2011 lost 32 pounds over a year or two Maintained for a couple of years. Then life and health issues got in the way and I gained it back. Started again logging properly in 2017 Have lost 31 pounds so far, most of it this year.

    I set mini goals to reach by birthdays, holidays, etc and try to lose to that goal. One pound at a time. My next mini goal is to weigh less than my husband by Christmas he is 185 I am 189 at the moment.

    My next big goal is to reach 160 by next summer. My overall goal weight is 145 so still a long way to go but I am getting there.

    Just take one day at a time and if you are consistent by this time next year you will be amazed at how far you have come.

    You are right to look at it as a long term change it can be overwhelming at times but keep going, you can do it.
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    Thanks for your reply manderson

    I agree mini goals are crucial, I shall set my first mini goal as to weigh 339 lbs which is 6 lb loss taking me under 25 stone (I know I work in stones but, will try to remember to translate) lol My HUGE goal is reach somewhere between 112 lbs and 123 lbs but, that is a LONG way away. Baby steps, like you say lb at a time, half a stone is good for me, once I hit first goal I shall go to half a stone which is 7 lbs.

    Yes, its keep going that is my failing so, am looking more long term. Hopefully when I get my pelvis realigned in the morning, it will stay in place until Tuesday so, I can get in water, and exercise.

    God bless you

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    Good luck all you can do this
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    :) Another variation on setting "mini goals" is to set goals of behaviour. You can't make your body lose weight but you can make yourself follow a consistent eating and exercise plan. Make goals like "plan meals and stick to the plan" or "drink 8 glasses of water" or "do 30 minutes of exercise" or "walk 5,000 steps". If you stick to a healthy plan every day, the pounds will come off.
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    I second the mini goals and behavior goals..I have also been here forever. be sure that your mini goals are mini. I started with---walk 20 min at least two days a week for a month. We walked more than that but the two days was very doable, then drink at least one glass of plain water a day...same thing usually did more but less daunting than changing everything all at once. . I keep a monthly progress journal--I record my weight loss and measurements at the beginning of each month and write my thoughts about my successes or not so much successes, along with any NSV. I then set my mini goals for the next month--my behavior mini goals and my "test clothing goals too"
    I was doing well until last year when after several years I had health things come up and gained weight, I loved that all my stats from 2011 were still here and I could judge my progress. So NO...I am not losing slower than before--it is the same. And measurements are not bigger at this weight than before..they are the same.
    All the best to you.
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    You’ve got this!! I read it helps to have friends on here to keep you motivated share recipes and all that. You are welcome to follow me so we can keep each other motivated! I’m new and trying to stay on track!
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    Thanks everyone

    Great ideas, and wonderful to connect with a group of people :-D

    Mini goals are great, I drink mostly water, herbal teas with occasional coffee
    As for exercise that is much more dependant on joints not popping out so that I can, only thing is swimming not allowed to do weight bearing so, not managed to swim in over a month which is frustrating Hopefully Thursdays treatment will keep me stable until Friday when I hope to try and swim again
    Measurements are a good idea, numbers on scales can be disheartening at time

    Here is too a great healthy bunch of people at the end of our journeys :-D

    God bless you
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    The mini goals are a great idea but the fact that you're also thinking long term is terrific as well. This says that you're not looking at a quick fix which is a huge stumbling block for lots of people.

    Use that long-term view when making changes and only make changes that you can see yourself doing forever. Temporary changes give temporary results. If you decide to make a change and can't honestly in your heart of hearts say that you'll never go back then don't make that change. Find something else that you can change and do that. There are way to many different paths to your goal to take one that you can't live with. Find what works for you!

    Secondly, target weight, not target date. Don't put added pressure on yourself by setting a time limit on this. You'll get there when you get there and having a predefined target date can be really disheartening if for one reason or another the process doesn't happen as quickly as you expect and you start falling behind "schedule". Even if you only lose half the amount of weight you want by your 52 birthday you still be 9 stone lighter and no doubt feel a whole lot healthier and happier for it. As long as you're making permanent changes like I suggest then there is no 'end date' just the rest of your life.

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    Thanks Danp :-)

    Yes, agree with both points, short term doesnt work if that is the vision, need long term, have long journey ahead. like the second point about changing things you can only see yourself changing long term, not sure if there are any of those, will have to ponder, pray and, find a goal to adapt to.

    God bless you
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    As I like to say, weight loss is simple but not always easy.

    Another of my favourite sayings is, Temporary solutions will give you temporary results which is why I advocate for looking for those small changes that you can make permanent.

    To clarify, when I talk about only making permanent changes I'm mainly referring to the trap that I and many other people I've seen/known have fallen into of making unsustainable changes.

    For example, in the past I'd say, "I'm gonna cut out pizza" and I would, for a while. But eventually I'd want pizza so I'd order pizza and because I'd denied myself pizza for however long it's been I'd SMASH those pizza(s). "I'm gonna cut out pizza" wasn't a permanent change. There was no way, if I was being honest with myself, that I could honestly say I'd never eat pizza again. It was a temporary solution so I looked for a change I COULD make.

    So instead of ordering a thick doughy deep dish pizza with heavy meaty toppings and extra cheese AND a cheesy garlic bread AND garlic knots and eating almost all of it. I ordered a thin crust pizza, with fewer toppings and no extra cheese, herb bread and skipping the garlic knots. I'd then pre-log the food before I ate it so that I was mindful of how many caloires I was eating, this made it easier to have 3 slices of pizza instead of the whole thing, and a couple of pieces of herb bread instead of the whole loaf. On top of that if I knew I wanted to have pizza for dinner I'd be conscious of the calories I was consuming through the day so that I'd have plenty of calories left. This is a change that I can 100% see myself doing until the end of my days.

    his change resulted in going from:

    pizza (6 slices) - 1200
    whole cheese HB - 576
    Garlic Knots - 320
    Total - 2096


    pizza (3 slices) - 415
    HB - 215
    Total - 630 calories

    So temporary change "I'm gonna cut out pizza". Unsustainable and when I eventually gave in I over ate like I always had.
    Permanent change: "I'm gonna find a way to enjoy pizza that fit in my calorie target". Sustainable, permanent change that means that I never have to deny myself something I enjoy. Never need to rely on 'willpower' or 'motivation' to keep myself going and I'm achieving my goals.

    A few others
    Instead of "I'm gonna cut out sweet"
    I now "Have some fun size chocolates and make room in my calorie target to enjoy a few every night"

    Instead of "I'm gonna join a gym and work out 4 days a week"
    I now "found an activity I really enjoy (cycling) so that I enjoy getting out and exercising"

    Instead of "I'm gonna stick to my calorie target 100% of the time"
    I now "stick to my calorie target ALMOST all the time, but don't feel guilty about indulging on special occasions"

    I hope this helps and G'luck
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    Thanks Danp :smile:

    O I like pizza too but sadly they dont like me but, get the philosophy behind your example. I am heading into a difficult few weeks or months as I am going onto an elimination diet to sort my gut out, and hopefully that will lead to better health, wider range of foods that dont make me ill so right now it is a NO to a lot of things but, I am keeping in mind hopefully six weeks will be sufficient, it not 12 should be Evaluate, and not there yet tomorrow will be day one as used last egg up today!

    Got to do what is long term sustainable but, sometimes short term abstinence is good too!

    God bless you