Am I doing anything wrong?

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I’m a 23 year old female 134lbs & 5ft 3in I’ve been working out consistently for at least 3 months. I workout anywhere from 3-6 days a week I fluctuate sometimes because I’m a new mom 😬. I started out eating 2000 cal/day then went down to 1800 and am now 1600. I’m not concerned about “weight loss” because I’m honestly at my body’s correct weight but I am concerned about fat loss. Even before the baby I’ve always had a little stomach pooch. When I workout do a combination of 40mins of weight lifting and 20mins of cardio. At first my goal was to just get stronger so I was focusing on slowly increasing my weights, but this damn pooch is STILL HERE. Mind you it has gotten smaller but I feel like it’s taking FOREVER. Am I doing anything wrong? Am I just being impatient? Help .


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    I always got the impression that certain body changes after childbirth either took a while to recover from or were just permanent reconfigurations. I dated a young woman a good 4 years or so ago who was really slim and trim but had some loose skin on her stomach from having had a kid. Not that it bothered me, but it was there and I'm unclear if anything short of surgical intervention could be done about it.

    Also, I'm not encouraging you to lose weight per se because you're clearly in the healthy range and are happy about it, but from where you are, you could lose 29 lbs and still be in the healthy range. I'm a guy who's had his BMI as low as 18.5, and speaking for my own physique, I always put on weight around my midsection first and it's always the last place where it comes off.
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    How old is your little one? Your body needs time to recover from childbirth...

    ETA: And check out this thread.

    He’s only 18 months. I’m honestly probably just being impatient, looking at my progress photos I’ve come a long way. I just really wanted to make sure I’m doing the correct things because I’ve never done anything in regards to fitness/ eating healthy and my gym “trainer” isn’t much help AT ALL .😒