Logging in problems



  • Seanb_us
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    What a pain in the . Online in Chrome it seems no problem. Online on my droid (Galaxy S9), it's been a pain but after resetting my password eleventeen times, it works now. I cannot get MyFitnessPal email/password to work on Safari on OSX. Interestingly, an entry for a password for MyFitnessPal is correct in Safari properties BUT also an underarmour password entry is created that is incomplete. I think Underarmour might be mucking things up.
  • guguhanug
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  • rdmitch
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    that means all the rest of today's calories don't count !
  • apacheman58
    apacheman58 Posts: 4 Member
    All of us loyal users (2277 days) are out here eating, exercising and weighing ourselves. The web platforms are not as user friendly as the various APPs, never have been.

    How about a tiny little "we're working on it" message or something.
  • chericerco
    chericerco Posts: 1 Member
    Same with my IPhone. I can get on PC but not Iphone.
  • ucabucca
    ucabucca Posts: 606 Member
    Same here I was fine this afternoon but not this evening
  • ificandream
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    edited November 2018
    Same here. I can log in online, but not on my iPhone. And it was OK this a.m. And I'm very glad it's not just me.
  • ttnopp
    ttnopp Posts: 1 Member
    Same here.
  • Wimjig1
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  • Just_Mel_
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  • Same thing happening to me...can't login to the app, only on my laptop
  • nicolehemet
    nicolehemet Posts: 1 Member
    I am having the same issue with my fitness pal. They must be having an android and iphone issue because I can log in online.
  • brianaholland91
    brianaholland91 Posts: 1 Member
    My iPhone app is having the same issue.
  • Tehteh6760
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    Is this problem being worked on???
  • debbiethomas500
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    It logged itself out on my phone a few hours ago and wouldn't let me log back in - "unable to connect to server". I take it that it must have been a technical issue from their end as just managed to get in now though my entered food for today on my phone has vanished!
  • rosebette
    rosebette Posts: 1,657 Member
    I'm experiencing the same thing. I changed my password 3 times, and it still didn't recognize me. Just got back in. My iPhone app won't recognize me or log me in at all.
  • trashie
    trashie Posts: 1 Member
    i can log on on my laptop but it wont log me in on iphone. have installed the app twice, change password and still can't use it, very dissapointing
  • susanh_64
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    The app was working fine today for me, then about 5pm this evening I was disconnected and couldn't log back in. I could log in on the website, just not the app. Please tell me that someone is working on a fix for this and that they will be pushing out and update to fix this!
  • mph323
    mph323 Posts: 3,566 Member
    I was just able to log back in on my android after being locked out this afternoon. It's around 7:40 here now in California.