Looking for 40s women for accountability

Send me friend request. Introduce yourself here if you want to start a group.

Looking to share my daily log with others. Need the accountability for loosing first goal of 25 pounds.
Will offer encouragement to others too.


  • myfitnessisavirtue
    myfitnessisavirtue Posts: 673 Member
    Hi! I am 42, been at this a while. I will send a request.
  • My name is Jennifer I'm 43 trying to take 1 day at a time to get healthy .
  • DiscusTank5
    DiscusTank5 Posts: 296 Member
    Hi! I'm 42 and working on losing weight. I'll send you a request also.
  • KaySQ75
    KaySQ75 Posts: 4 Member
    Hi im 43. Looking to lose weight. I need to lose 23kgs. Still working out how to use this app too. ☺
  • 2Luverly
    2Luverly Posts: 143 Member
    Hello all. I’m 45. I’ve been using MFP for almost 2 years. Send me an invite if you’d like.
  • KaySQ75
    KaySQ75 Posts: 4 Member
    Im having trouble adding people. How do i do that please?