Women who have had liposuction: are you glad you did?



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    Check out CoolSculpting. No surgery, non-invasive. The final results take months to show but they are quite drastic in some cases.
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    My sister had liposuction - she had to have it a second time because the area that got lipo'ed was lumpy after she recovered.

    How old are you? By your nasty responses telling everyone on a message board (that is about calorie counting and weight loss, not liposuction) how to post, and rudeness, I would guess about 17-18?

    My age is mentioned in my OP. I don’t think I’ve been nasty to anyone, I’ve stated clearly what I’m looking for advice on - lots of people keep trying to give me advice on things I haven’t asked about, and I have asked them not to do that. It’s called being assertive and most adults should be able to do it. If I’m not mistaken this is your first post on this thread and you have done nothing but name call.

    I’ve found a lot of the responses hugely judgemental, people have made fun of some of my responses, you’ve called me nasty for asking people to stay on topic (in line with this forum’s stated rules), someone else called me rude and someone else said it was lazy.

    But sure, I’m the bad guy here because I made the point that pushing advice on someone that they don’t want is egotistical. It is. If we were sitting in a cafe and I said two or three times that I didn’t want anyone’s opinion on my weight and you gave it anyway, that would absolutely be considered rude, and no one except maybe my 89yo grandma would do that.

    In general, I try to stay away from anonymous forums for this exact reason.

    I think we have the same grandma :laugh:
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    You should check out RealSelf. Lots of good info and you can ask plastic surgeons any questions
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    Hey o.p! There are awesome facebook groups dedicated to Lipo and plastic surgery if you want real answers! I'm also interested in surgeries in the future and the ladies on fb will answer question and are helpful af
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    I had under 3lbs taken off my lower back, many years ago. It was a lot longer recovery than I was told. The garment is a pain in itself. The swelling was horrible and I swear if I eat to much sodium, it retains water. Other than that, it's fantastic. Lol Seriously though, if coolsculpting can do the same thing, get that. They told me I would have to gain 10% of my bodyweight to gain weight there again. It has never happened. I continued to work out and do my thing. It was more spot reduction for me. Go on the real self website. You'll get all of your questions answered. Good luck and let us know what you decide and how you do.