First gym session with pt

I’m still aching and it’s Sunday 😩


  • tinovillaro
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    Ice baths help
  • Cahgetsfit
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    good :)
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    go for a walk
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    enjoy it, you will have more...I love feeling sore after workouts
  • ImSoSquishy
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    i suggest using a foam roller or massage roller stick to roll out your muscles all over your body, doing so will increase blood flow to boost muscle recovery, relief and reduce muscle tightness, knots, helps flush out lactic acid, and prevent chances of pulling a muscle and cramps. for the best results, have someone use the massage roller stick to roll you instead as they can push their body weight down on your muscles as they roll you out to apply the most pressure. if it is your first time using these, you might experience a lot of pain. like if you ever had cramps or pulled a muscle on your calves in the past. once you roll out those areas, you will feel a lot of pain like you're having cramps again but it's actually your muscles being loosened up from all the tightness from all the years you've left it unattended. after you fight though that pain for a few days you will feel completely different, and a lot stronger, i promise.

    another thing that helps is taking omega 3 fatty acid. either fish oil or krill oil is fine. mega 3 has a lot of healthy benefits for your body. one of the benefits of omega 3 is reducing inflammation for skin, joints, and muscles. a warning for krill oil is if you have acne, don't use it or it'll make it worse, otherwise it's great and has a bit more benefits than fish oil. good luck and have fun in your fitness journey! :)