Im 27 years old and I am a fall risk. 😝

Ok so I love to hike and enjoy my time most outdoors. However over the last 6 months I have been a frequent faller. I have fell enough times to send myself to the E.R had to see neurologist. On another occasion I injured my coccyx and had physical therepy. Recently had to see an osteopath for another fall. I can go on and on. My friends just call me clumsy now and we all laugh because I fall so much.. Now I cant even walk a side walk without falling. I know its winter now but any advice please? I was told by a doctor that I need to wear a helmet while hiking to prevent any more head damage. I know this is a silly topic just hope that I am not alone in this!! 😝 I am currently pain free and just want to be outside but cant afford another injury/be out of work. What to do!? Any footwear advice? or ways to posture myself so I can stop falling!!?


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    If I were you I would seek further tests, I would worry personally there was something underlying causing that to happen - could be an imbalance, inner ear issues, and that's just to mention a few possibilities.

    I've just googled falls in young people - it actually seems its more the norm in 18-35 year olds! that's something I didn't know. But I also can say it never happened to me or any one I know so its not the norm?

    Take care!
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    Do you have a diagnosis why you fall so frequently? Medical problems, some medication, improper footwear, poor balance, bad eyesight, foot problems, ankle instability, ...?
    Hard to give advice without knowing what is causing you to fall.

    Of course everyone falls now and then. I have a nice new scar on my knee since last September, where I tripped over a root during a trail run in the mountains, something like that is kind of normal in my mind. But if you "I cant even walk a side walk without falling", it sounds like something wrong, and you should find out what, in addition to wearing a helmet.
    It would be a shame if you can't go hiking anymore, so I wish you all the best!
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    Do you get dizzy or just clumsy? Some medications can cause dizziness. You have to figure out why you fall to fix it!
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    Only diagnosis I have is poor depth perception but I have glasses. I have been to many doctors after my falls but doctors can only do so much. I think yoga is a great idea I need balence. I definetly cannot give up hiking I enjoy it and my 2 dogs need it.
    Thank you All so many great ideas!!

    I am the one who fell a lot before glasses in my thirties...if you have depth perception problems, that definitely will cause falls. I used to fall on perfectly flat surfaces too. I haven't fallen since glasses. :) Which is good, because I'm old now and bones break easier.
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    Tai chi is good for balance, which has been shown by research among the elderly. Even kind of bad Tai chi (i.e., not very knowledgeable instructors) is good for balance. (I know some of the people who taught in research studies. Enough said? ;) ).
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    Only diagnosis I have is poor depth perception but I have glasses. I have been to many doctors after my falls but doctors can only do so much. I think yoga is a great idea I need balence. I definetly cannot give up hiking I enjoy it and my 2 dogs need it.
    Thank you All so many great ideas!!

    Have your doctors, naimly a neurologist and/or ENT actually tried to diagnose you with anything or have they just been brushing it aside and blaming your depth perception. Presumably you wear glasses and your depth perception has been corrected via those (I also have poor depth perception without glasses). If you are effectively limited to the bounds of your house because of your balance issues this is really worth pushing on.
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    I have balance issues because of my messed up ears. I get dizzy just standing up sometimes. So it might be worth having a check up from an ENT. A friend of mine had balance issues that came out of nowhere, and it ended up being due to cysts in her womb (I don't even know how that worked but I'm no doctor!). It really is worth persisting with tests.
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    I find my depth perception is worse with glasses and better with contact lenses - the peripheral focus seems to make me a bit wonky (particularly when I change glasses) so if you’re eligible for contacts it might be worth a try?

    However I also agree it’s very strange to be falling so much (are you talking that you trip over things or misstep on curbs or you’re just walking normall and fall rather than trip) because if it’s the former depth perception makes sense as they’re extrinsic, if it’s the latter it’s more likely to be an intrinsic cause (inner ear, medication issue, blood pressure issue, etc) and really needs to be investigated
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    Try ballet. It works your core, balance, and endurance. It also increases your range of motion which helps reduce injuries. Another benefit is learning to shift your weight and control muscles when you need to do a counter step.
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    yoga, pilates, etc is good for balance

    if you are fall prone, i might get it looked into. i'm a clutz and absentminded but it could be something like an inner ear issue.
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    Not recently, I use glasses for driving but you have a good idea. Ill try them hiking and see if it helps. 😝

    Walking poles is another great idea. I already have ski poles so I could use those!

    Get yourself a second pair (eyeglasses) for hiking. Something designed to be tough. Worst thing that can happen is you fall and break them.

    Have they checked you for any inner ear disorder? Vitamin B12 deficiency? Low hemoglobin?
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    so my depth perception sucks and i often walk into things. i've bee known to trip over sidewalks and fall upstairs. i was told recently i have a disc that rubs my sciatic and that can cause my right leg to give out sometimes. maybe it's something like that but i'd suggest as others have wearing your glasses.

    i think some people are just more prone to clumsiness. i can be al grace and elegance on skates but i need body armour around my house.