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Does anyone else struggle with the holiday blues - and how do you combat it?

I use my exercise routines to keep myself moving - allow myself to be sad - but keep my commitments and be around people - I don't let the holiday blues sideline me...but its hard.


  • teagirlmedium
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    What is it about the holidays that makes you sad? I only get stressed during the holidays. I am only told stuff at the last minute and then am expected to meet a deadline. They always assume someone else told me when stuff changed and then get mad at me when I did not do what I was expected to. Sometimes I just want to pretend I am sick so that I don't have to show up.
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    My mom died just after Christmas several years ago so that as well as stress from finances, getting things done, poor weather makes this time of year more challenging. I cut back on a lot of stuff and mostly just focus on spending time with my husband and daughter. Exercise, trying to get enough sleep, focusing on positive things helps.
    I guess I try to think about if the thing causing me stress or sadness is really important to me or something I can let go.
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    I succumb to the frigid temps and early nightfalls. I tend to wallow in my winter blues by listening to sad music. :pensive:

  • rdevol
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    Try doing some volunteer work. Focusing on the needs of others who are in need can make you feel better! Tis the season to pay it forward!