What to put in my oatmeal? Is jam ok?

Hello! My friend gave me some lovely jam. I eat oatmeal daily so I was wondering if it would be poor for my health to put a tablespoon or half of one in a day? Worried about the added sugar. I usually put Berries with pb and cream, but this jam is lovely. Also, if anyone has ideas as to how to incorporate veg in, I’m all ears.


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    1/2 cup of oatmeal - 1 serving is 150 cals, so adding a teaspoon of jam might be wasted and be too blended. I’d add a tsp to a crumpet or waffle to taste it. If you are looking to sweeten oatmeal, 1/2 box of raisins is 50 cals. Or just add some berries like blackberries or raspberries instead of jam. Or just account for the cals.
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    If it fits into your calorie goal then do what you like. Is there a reason why ou are tracking sugar specifically?

    My primary worry, with regards to the jam, is it getting lost in the oatmeal. That is to say, not noticing it. If it were me, I would eat it on a neutral tasting bread.
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    Look up zucchini oatmeal. There are some recipes out there. I've also seen people mix riced cauliflower in.

    I used to eat oatmeal mixed with cinnamon, cooked with water. When it was done, I'd stir in protein powder, then top with cottage cheese, nuts and jelly. Stick the jelly on top, don't mix it in.
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    I dont think there are any health concerns there.....but it might be considered heresy.
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    Ducks47 wrote: »
    Hello! My friend gave me some lovely jam. I eat oatmeal daily so I was wondering if it would be poor for my health to put a tablespoon or half of one in a day? Worried about the added sugar. I usually put Berries with pb and cream, but this jam is lovely. Also, if anyone has ideas as to how to incorporate veg in, I’m all ears.

    Do you have diabetes or some other disease/medical condition where a small amount of sugar would cause health concerns?

    (There is sugar in berries and some peanut butters as well, so I'm not seeing a significant difference here. The body doesn't know any difference between intrinsic sugar and added sugar - it's all sugar.)
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    Oatmeal and jam combination doesnt appeal to me - but cant see any health issue with adding 1 spoon of jam to oatmeal.
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    Its okay but you would be better off topping with some chopped strawberries and blueberries . The vit C also helps with none heme iron absorption . I put PB in mine sometimes.
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    Thank you guys!! I used to be very overweight so am concerned about long term health effects. I’m still young so don’t think I have diabetes etc but was never tested and used to eat huge amounts of unhealthy food. I have now lost a lotttt of weight. Although, I still sometimes have issues with portion control around unhealthy things. I just don’t want to be eating too much sugars and processed foods and don’t know how much is too much sugar. I usually eat a pint of ice cream a week for a treat. Thanks for all your replies. I’m going to try these meal ideas out!
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    I like to dice a few dried apricots and put them in the oatmeal before cooking - that softens up the dried fruit - then add some chopped nuts after cooking in the microwave. I use stevia to sweeten to taste. If you like jam in your oatmeal, there are low/no sugar jams and preserves out there; I just had some Polaner Orange Marmalade and peanut butter on a toasted high-fiber bread for a snack. I also have used low-sugar maple syrup in the past to sweeten oatmeal - but as someone else points out the flavor tends to get "lost" so I just use stevia these days.

    My preference is for steel-cut oatmeal - I prefer the taste and robust texture over the rolled oats version. I cook it in the microwave but you have to use a deep bowl or it can boil over.
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    I often have jam on my porridge, just finished a jar of marmalade that mostly went that way.
    I like chopping an apple, cooking with cinnamon and having that on it.
    Have read about carrot cake, grated carrot stuffed in with cinnamon. Not tried it yet but sounds good.
    If you want sugar try a little bit of dark brown muscovado, it all melts in and is caramelly. Yum. Toasted seeds are good for crunch.
    One of the joys of porridge is the endless combinations....
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    I put a tablespoon of jam in my oatmeal nearly every day while losing 50+ pounds, and I'm still healthy as a gol-dang horse 3 years later. Pretty sure you're fine.

    I admit, if it's really lovely jam, I think putting it in oatmeal might waste the yumminess a bit by diluting it a lot. It might be tastier, and it would be OK, to put the jam on a bit of equally lovely bread (or cracker, if you like), where the taste of the jam can really shine. (If you don't like to eat much bread, you can keep the rest tightly wrapped in the freezer, and thaw a bit when you need it.)

    It would even be OK to eat a tablespoon of the jam every day right out of the jar at breakfast, savoring each bit. So luxurious! You can always cut back a tad on the oatmeal (or some other food during the day) to even out your calories, if you're worrying about that.

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    Since you're most likely not diabetic there's no reason not to try it once and find out. If you eat it mostly on the top instead of mixing it in, it doesn't seem like it would dilute the taste too much. If it does, eat the rest some other way. Jam keeps well so no need to rush through it.

    I am diabetic, so jam is mostly a no-no for me, but oatmeal for some reason doesn't spike me at all. I find one way to pump up the flavor without adding calories is a few drops of flavored extracts, such as vanilla, almond, or rum extract. Add fresh berries, a little Greek yogurt, and a tablespoon of nut butter, and you've got my regular daily breakfast.
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    Enjoy the jam!

    The only oatmeal with no added sugar I've ever been able to enjoy is oats + mashed banana + apple pie spice (+ nut or vegetables, etc). Plenty sweet and delicious!
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    I have oatmeal with jam every morning. I've still been losing weight.
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    Try cinnamon sprinkled.