Post-partum running moms

Hey there! Any post partum runners/work outers out there? I had a child in March. I started running about a month after having him, very slow at first. I noticed a weird pain down there!! I did research and learned about my pelvic floor and that mine was pretty much shot after birth. I kept working out though although very tough mentally and physically. Anyhow, I'd love to help each other out, through the good and the bad days! Id also enjoy more friends.


  • Liftinglex
    Liftinglex Posts: 49 Member
    Hey girl I’m postpartum had my son in June ! I workout not much of a runner though. I had a c section and I definitely started real slow mostly body weight and liis but now I’m almost 6 months postpartum & I’m hitting PRs!
  • Runningchick11
    Runningchick11 Posts: 53 Member
    So do you mainly lift? I have been a runner but always want to get into lifting but running is a crutch for me.