Over 300lbs and Looking for Friends

Hello how is everybody doing? I weighed myself this morning... I’m 302.8lbs. I’ve never been this heavy before.

I’m looking for friends who are on here daily and can help me stay accountable.

Add me :) and if you like, comment below with what your goals are. My goals for the week are 1) to do some type of exercise everyday (even if it’s just stretching or walking), 2) complete my diary under calories everyday and 3) lose 2lbs by next Monday.

Good luck everyone! Hope you have a great week! We can do this!


  • MIpiccolo
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    I was 294 when I go serious again this summer - you can do it! I like to focus on things I can do now that I couldn’t do before. It was really hard for me to tie my shoes/paint my toe nails, and now I can do it with ease. Be sure to take measurements now, so you can motivate yourself at times when the scale doesn’t seem to move. I wish I had better data from my starting weight.

    As for my goals - tracking all my food every day (I tend to stop tracking come dinner time 😬), and exercising every day.

    Let’s do this!!
  • cariwaldick
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    When I started, I was heavier than I'd ever been. I'm only 5'2" so my 264 was a huge strain on me. I just got sick of being fat.

    I'm down 63 lbs, and want to be under 200 by the new year. I'm not doing much for work-outs yet, since all the exercises take a strength I've lost. I can ride my bicycle, but it's cold now. The food is critical now. I threw away everything that was off limits, I stocked up on healthy food, and I started logging everything. I took some extreme steps, since I needed to see a loss right away. I cut out soft drinks and coffee. I then stopped salting my food. I typically only have water. I drink soy milk occasionally. (I never tried it before the diet.)

    Even though exercise isn't a goal for me now, I still get up and move. I try to accomplish something every day, like doing laundry, sweeping the floors, or playing with the dog. After being so heavy, it's important to get back to living, going, doing, and being present in life. Look for joy away from food. Dance, sing, draw, write, craft.

    This morning I went through my closet and removed everything that was two sizes bigger than I wear now. I kicked out the clothes that fit but allowed me to look sloppy--stretchy, knit, elastic, faded, pilled, billowy, etc. Part of me wanted to hang on to those fat clothes--in case I go back to being heavy. Even now it's in the back of my mind that I could fail--again. Instead I denied that voice, and I've got a pile of clothes to donate.

    You can do this Adriana!
  • Hey activeadriana ! I'm about the same weight (293lb/133 kg) and I would also love to chat with other people in the same boat who want to help each other stay accountable. Way back in 2012 I was on here and super on my way to my goal weight at ~78kg, but unfortunately life hit me like a freight train. Now I'm back to try again to lose weight but also permanently develop healthier habits. My week is half over, but my goals are to stay under my calorie limit every day, try to drink at least 1.5L of water daily, and cook healthy meals for dinner every night! o:)
  • herechbergc
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    My name is Cindy , Hi ! I'm currently 380 my heaviest was 394 . I have Hashimoto's disease and have had a Thyroidectomy . So I am battling Hypothyroidism , mobility issues due to arthritis and two knees that need replaced as well as a possible MS DIAGNOSIS. I am on a medical weight loss program through my doctor I need to lose 100 pounds to have knee surgery I'm looking for friends to go on the journey with , I am competitive and need goals and motivation as well as accountability . Eating isn't a huge issue for me as far as amounts I need to.stick to my goals and move the best I can. I've lost weight in the past and kept it off but my body isn't what it used to be so it is far slower process now . Keep your goals you can do this! How you reach your goal for the week!
  • amynew4u
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    I'm with you. Started at 301 mid October. Now at 281. Obviously I have a significant amount remaining to lose and this is not easy. What I know is that I started with some simple things - started walking every day and counting calories. I stay under 1350 calories religiously, usually closer to 1250 or a bit less. I have given up diet soda and caffeine though I had not planned on it; it just seemed like a vice that naturally fell by the wayside.

    I'm being very realistic about my goals - I don't know that I even have an end goal. Rather, I'm focusing on mini goals. My first mini-goal has always been (with no timeline), to reach 25 lb lost, or 275. The next will be 250, or 50 lb. For me, I just can't look further than that or it will seem too much, too improbable.

    My advice is to take each day, each meal, each walk, each bite at a time. Don't let one meal or one day derail you. Some people think of a cheat day or a cheat meal as a break. Sometimes I allow myself a cheat bite. Sometimes that leads to 3 bites, but rarely a meal. No matter what, it isn't failure, you can get back on track. None of us got to this point by one day, one bite, one meal or even one month - so don't give up based on such a little amount of variation from our plan.

    I'm working to be super low key about this process because I know it is a slow and steady change. This time feels different - and I hope it will be for all of us! The little changes will make for life changes that are sustainable - so let's all choose goals that are actually do-able in our lives! Mine for this week - stay within calorie goals, take the stairs and walk for 30 minutes 4x (even if at 10 min intervals here and there). Feel free to friend me. We can do this - slow and steady.
  • cariwaldick
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    Amy, you're reading my mind! I could have said everything you've said. I'm realistic about my goals, and though I have a number in mind, I'm not sure that's really where I'm going. I know I'll have some loose skin issues when I get closer, and I'm not likely to consider surgery to undo the damage I've done.

    I gave up all soda. To be honest, the carbonation gave me heartburn, and it just didn't feel like something I wanted to keep in my life. Coffee went too, when I couldn't find creamer and sweetener that worked within my calories. I'm building a new normal, as well as a new me. It took a long time to get here, and this isn't an overnight process. I think it's going to take at least a year to both lose the weight and get back to the physical activity and healthy habits that should allow me to relax.

    This time it does feel different. My daily goal is to stay conscious, log my food, and get something accomplished. I'm trying to say 'yes' more: Yes to going, yes to doing, yes to participating. Being sedentary allows me too much time to think about food, even if I'm not eating it. I want to sit up instead of slouch, stand instead of sit, walk instead of stand, etc. Little habits make a big change. I'm working toward a lifestyle as much as a weight.