Weight gain from my period ugh!!!



  • MelanieCN77
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    I started my period yesterday - in the morning I weighed 132.2, had a perfect day of eating all balanced and nice, this morning 133.4. After a week of eating in line, any other time of the month I would have stayed the same or dropped a half pound or so. Is what it is, will sort itself out.
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    I told myself not to weigh myself this week, but I did. And now im upset! Stupid periods.
  • Running2Fit
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    I always gain the week before my period. Even knowing it’s just water weight and will drop quickly it’s still frustrating!
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    I usually gain close to five freakin pounds when I get my period. I usually eat larger portions or more food or more sweets so some of the extra pounds could be from that. Even though I know most of it is bloat and water retention from my period, it still really psychs me out and depresses me greatly. I've read articles that say once your period comes the weight goes back down but not true for me. It takes until my third or fourth day of my period for the bloat to settle down. I avoid wearing my tight jeans cause I feel so much bigger and it depresses me more if I feel it in my clothes.

    Yeah, well... I usually lose the water weight about 1-2 days after starting the pill again. So that's about 8-9 days with a higher weight. Fortunately I only do a stop week every three months or so. But yeah, I guess that's what it means to be a woman. Can't help it. Flight water weight is very sticky for me as well, usually about 4-7 days. *shrugs*