Breakfast suggestions

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We are following a modified Keto plan and we usually have scrambled eggs or a frittata in the morning. But I have to say, I'm getting tired of eggs - eggs with sausage, eggs with bacon crumbles, eggs with ham, breakfast burros. I'm almost at the point that I don't want to see another egg! However, both my husband and I do better if we have protein in the morning instead of our old breakfast of oatmeal.

So, I'm looking for suggestions of different ways to prepare eggs. I have to add that my husband only likes scrambled, I like them cooked just about any way.

What do you do for breakfast? I'm aiming for net calories of about 1500 - I have to lose the 20 pounds I regained stress eating last year, and drop an additional 20 after that. I did it before - lost 50 pounds, so I know I can do it again. Fortunately, I'm no longer working and around all the sweets this time of year, and that is certainly helping!


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    Not an egg idea but have you considered homemade baked beans on wholemeal toast? Beans can be made in advance and heated as needed and it has plenty of protein while being low fat.
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    I really like a burger patty in the morning with a poached egg on top. Burger patty can be your preferred meat and size/weight to fit in your calorie allotment. I buy ground meat and weigh it into 3 or 4 oz patties then freeze so I always have some on hand. You don't even have to have an egg if you want a break some days.

    You could crumble the meat and cook it with a little onion and bell peppers then mix it into scrambled eggs.

    You can add some roasted veggies that fit your needs too. If you eat potatoes at all, you can limit the portion/calories/carbs by mixing (weighed) cooked chunks into scrambled eggs also. Egg is a good topper for small potatoes - sweet or regular. With sweet potatoes I like a little spicy addition like peppers or just a dash of hot sauce. This could be done over roasted cauliflower as well.

    Breakfast can have any meats and not just the super salty fatty meats that are pushed as breakfast foods. I find I stay full with meat to start the day then have the bulk of my carbs later in the day. Sometimes I'll have chicken breast or a lean pork chop for breakfast. I'm not keto but I do find delaying my start on carbs helps with cravings.
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    ^ I like this idea. I'm not on keto but I put back 10 lbs. (en route to losing 110) in the last few months, so I need to make some changes. I'm also sick of eggs and oatmeal. I'm thinking that chicken breast with some veggies or potato/sweet potato would be a good choice too. Right now I just finished a piece of baguette with butter and I'm eating a bowl of gazpacho! I had planned to eat 2 eggs and oatmeal but just couldn't do it.
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    I'm not keto so I don't know if you can have avocado. If yes, I have a few different recipes to share. Let me know.