Food that is worth the calories



  • lynn_glenmont
    lynn_glenmont Posts: 9,456 Member
    Good black coffee. Worth so much more than 2 cals per cup.

    Plain greek yogurt with cheese powder (like the stuff some people put on popcorn) stirred in. Delicious and lots of protein, generally under 200 cals for a generous snack-size bowl.

    Eggs, cooked pretty much anyway.

    Good pizza. Bad pizza, not so much.

    Homemade fudge.
  • FL_Hiker
    FL_Hiker Posts: 919 Member
    Cookies! Most days I will always make room for cookies 😋. That moose milk sounds delicious!!!!
  • PennyP312
    PennyP312 Posts: 161 Member
    Wine and Christmas Ale
  • duskyjewel
    duskyjewel Posts: 286 Member
    Good fried chicken and rich, creamy mac n cheese
  • hesn92
    hesn92 Posts: 5,965 Member
    Cauliflower crust pizza with tomato sauce and roasted vegetables..


    that is NOT pizza :'(:D
  • teagirlmedium
    teagirlmedium Posts: 679 Member
    Everythig sold at Godiva.
  • workinonit1956
    workinonit1956 Posts: 1,043 Member
    The creme brûlée at Capital Grille.
  • Idontcareyoupick
    Idontcareyoupick Posts: 2,446 Member
    Pancakes, hot wings, McDonald's French fries, and brownies
  • kellyjellybellyjelly
    kellyjellybellyjelly Posts: 9,480 Member
    Ice cream is always worth the calories to me & it doesn't matter if it's cold outside.

    Pizza would be another.

    I would say a nice steak would be another since I don't eat it very often.
  • kellyjellybellyjelly
    kellyjellybellyjelly Posts: 9,480 Member
    Extra sharp cheddar cheese. I shred some up with refried beans and eat it cold.

    That sounds amazing!
  • Noreenmarie1234
    Noreenmarie1234 Posts: 7,278 Member
    Moms freshly made cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting.
  • Ducks47
    Ducks47 Posts: 131 Member
    For me- maple cookies, ice cream, Chinese food (szechuan, hot pot, westernized), hot dogs, spam musubi.
  • TanyaHooton
    TanyaHooton Posts: 240 Member
    We cook dinner at home, and we eat well: grilled quesadilla, chicken stroganoff, guacamole, mashed potatoes, lasagna, alfredo sauce - anything you can think of, we make at home. It's all worth it, so I just am disciplined with the portions and get some exercise.

    I am also an amateur pastry chef, so I bake a lot of cakes, brownies, cheesecake, pie, etc. for special occasions. The poor dog - she gets extra walks that week.

    What do I make room for that isn't homemade? Wine - red, white, rose, sparkling. Godiva chocolate truffles and Frango's dark chocolate mints. Pizza...oh pizza.
  • EHollander89
    EHollander89 Posts: 169 Member
    Pizza. I have switched to veggie pizza with no meat to save calories.
    Starbucks white chocolate mocha.

    Starbucks white chocolate mocha is delicious! Definitely worth it to make it fit occasionally!