Plantar fascitis--have you had it?



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    Hi there... I suffered for a long time and tried everything. Doctor was the worst of all these. I challenged a trainer with it once and she found the holy grail of relief. So foam roller stretching the calves to start, but that's not the crazy. The crazy is I got instant relief by using the same foam roller ON MY SIDE. Rolled all the way from ankles... when I stretched the HIP AREA... almost instant relief. That was years ago and I haven't had a problem since.


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  • njitaliana
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    Find a physical therapist who does ASTYM. It is specifically for plantar fasciitis. Buy SuperFeet orthotics at a running store. And, also at the running store, buy running shoes with a removable foot bed to put the orthotics into. It will make an amazing difference.
  • springlering62
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    Compression ankle socks. Just go on amazon and search plantar fasciitis socks. They are super tight socks. I wore them at night and sometimes during the day when the “walking on shards of glass” feeling kicked in again. I keep a couple pair on hand just in case, but haven’t had an issue in three or four years since I used the socks every night for a few weeks. Near instant relief and a bargain compared to those extortionate inserts the podiatrist sold me, which only aggravated it. Check the reviews before buying and make sure they sound legit.
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    I dealt with it for 5 yrs did everything you can think of so I got tired of falling in the floor in the morning so I got a plantar fasciitis release best thing I could have ever did I wish I would of did it a long time ago feels so great !
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    I did nearly everything mentioned here other than the steroid injection. Significant loss of weight and a years worth of stretching (and shoe insert) finally set me free.

    Don’t try and tough through the sharp pain. That only makes it works.

    I still regularly stretch, even during the day under the desk. Any time I get a twinge or I think about it.
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    I got a steroid shot and it cleared it up right away. A few other things, get new walking shoes frequently if you log a lot of miles and rotate between a few pairs. Also, do some walks with barefoot shoes once you get it under control and go barefoot when you can. A few show suggestions: hoka one for running, vivofit barefoot for walking and vionic sandals.
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    Had chronic plantar fasciitis when I was 100 pounds heavier and walk more than 10 minutes, some days I needed the wheelchair because it was unbearable to walk. Haven't had them since.
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    yes, I have had it for a few years. It's a painful condition to have. However, I rarely suffer from it anymore since purchasing proper fitted shoes with good arch support and cushioned heels, self messages and foot exercises.
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    I had PF for about 2 wks. Finally decided to go see a doctor. They gave me the ankle boot and a few stretches to do. It didn’t work! So out of desperation, I turned to YouTube for advice. One guy claimed that a golf ball did the trick and it took about 3 days to clear up. I said to myself let’s give it a try! Took out the golf ball, made sure it was under the foot with PF and started rolling it up and down the area - I thought that I was going to pass out.😂 Stopped and took a few Advil’s for the pain. I continue to use the golf ball at home and work for about “3” days. Finally PF was gone and never had a problem every since - 2 yrs ago.
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    I have had it off and on for years now. The worst time took over 18 months to mend, had lots of physio and some topical cortisone. Some mornings I had to use a walking stick to help me get out of bed and move around, it can be extremely painful and debilitating, Best exercises a physiotherapist can help you with, I did a calf stretch which helped me the most. Ice packs, tins of beans rolled around under the foot, frozen bottles of water under the foot can help too, rest and elevation when really bad, sometimes pain killers but I tried to avoid these as much as possible. It can be a long process my only advice is to not be too hasty getting back into walking as it can keep flaring it up. Exercise to strengthen and of course weight loss are the most important. Orthotics can help and good supportive shoes also. I never had it when at my goal weight but keep getting it now I’m struggling keeping the kilos off. there’s a lot of info for exercises on the net and they can be helpful to do as well. Good luck with it, I wish you all the best. 😀
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    I've had it in the past. On I've occasion I had to have a steroid injection to clear it, but other flare ups haven't needed it.

    For me - Achilles stretches are key as it has come from a slightly tight Achilles (a physiotherapist told me this).

    For runners - make sure to have gait analysis to ensure you're using the right kind of shoes.
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    I had it in college when I was a pitcher and was running 30+ miles a week on hard surfaces. I had to get special insoles for my shoes that kept me from landing on the outside of my feet (what was causing the problem). Now I get high quality running shoes that are made to turn your feet back in when you land so I hit the ground flatter and not so much on the outside of my soles.
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    Stretching, wearing sketchers with memory foam, did PT & inserts but they didnt help. I also wear Tommy Copper socks
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    Stretching the calves, yoga, and taping the foot with KT tape helped. In fact, I think the KT tape made the biggest difference. Also, I replaced my existing shoes with shoes which had a built in arch (such as Vionic and Abeo). It did help a lot.
    Be patient. It seems like it will never get better, but it does!
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    SO here's my PF story: I tried all the at home treatments, medical tape wraps, insoles, stretches, iced water bottles rolled under foot, etc. Night splint (boot) was the only thing that gave some relief. Finally, I went to a podiatrist, diagnosed PF, try physical therapy. PT was the BEST thing I ever did. My PTherapist found out that my HIPS were out of alignment, making one leg slightly longer than the other, locking up my ankle and ultimately causing my PF. Learned different exercises and stretches to align my hips and loosen my ankle/arch. Now I have no pain at all!
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    my hubby and I both had it, comes and goes, have not had it for a long time. I would wake up I middle of night and could not even walk, so painful. Hubby took cortisone shots, not me. Got those insoles at Walmart, about $50 but they must have fixed our arches. There was a machine you stood on and it told you which one to buy.