90 lbs today!

I’m so excited!


  • nuttyfamily
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    Great job!
  • Ssssss666666
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    Well done you
  • jan110144
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  • kami3006
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    You look fantastic! Well done! :drinker:
  • intrigame23
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    Awesome!!! congratulations on your hard work! 👍🏽😊
  • initiation0
    initiation0 Posts: 22 Member
    How great is this, you look wonderful!
  • Rock it girl.
  • wanderingarcher
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    Thanks, everyone! It’s so nice to have a place to celebrate. 🥳
  • creationscrown
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    WOW! Great job!!
  • ruby123chloe
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    Whoa! Good job!
  • inittothinit42
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    Congratulations! Great job!
  • wannabesmaller2017
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    You look fantastic!! Great job!
  • wanderingarcher
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  • efrensgirl2015
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    You look fantastic! What was your plan of attack and how long did it take you?
  • leopardeyes72
    leopardeyes72 Posts: 39 Member
    How did you get your stomach so flat?
  • IsETHome
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    How did you get your stomach so flat?
    I was wondering same, I have extra skin there and quite a few more to go.
  • bobsburgersfan
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    You look amazing! Congratulations on your tremendous success!!!
  • nowine4me
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    Outstanding. FYI, I look pretty similar to you and my abs started to pop at 20%( you know, the week before you go on vacation to the carribean ). It didn’t last, but made for some great vacation photos. Back up to 24% now. It was essentially the difference between 133 and 123 (I’m 5-7”) that made the difference