New Member Seeks Non-Judgmental Friends


I go by Mrs S. I'm in the 30s and I live with my husband, no kids, in central England.

I am a classic yo-yo dieter but am here to stay this time.

I am not the most active due to chronic health issues and I am currently grappling with unpredictable IBS so my behaviour is sometimes, er, a bit odd.

I am seeking non-judgmental friends on here, especially people starting from scratch or from scratch again (like myself). I am looking for support here - having lost weight a lot before I know how important that is and I currently weigh twice what I should in order to be 'healthy'. I am predominantly here to better my health but it just goes that a large part of that is related to weightloss.

I am willing to have my food and exercise diary open to friends and would definitely like friends who do the same but it's not necessary.

So hi there, let's make 2019 productive together 😊