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cfranklin25cfranklin25 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
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New Year= healthy eating for the entire family. Being a full time working mom does not leave me much time to cook multiple meals for the family. Can you please share some recipes your entire family (kids and picky dads) love???


  • leanjogreen18leanjogreen18 Posts: 2,492Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,492Member, Premium Member
    Also look at they have kid friendly meals.
  • aplanetoweraplanetower Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    I am married with two kids (10 and 4) and also work full-time. Some things I have been able to get them to eat: chicken tacos - made by throwing frozen chicken breasts in the crockpot with a jar of salsa. Also, I will make them tilapia or shrimp with rice and veggies. Theirs tends to be more buttery, I hold back the butter on mine. Homemade chicken tenders in the air fryer (will bread theirs and usually leave a couple plain (tossed in Goya Adobo) for me). Turkey meatloaf, chicken cakes (cooking light recipe), shrimp or chicken stir fry (they get egg rolls, I don't). I lost 25lbs last year (and have gained it all back which is why I am back here), but I found that I could make a lot of things and just alter the sides to make them healthier for me. The kids get cheese and sour cream on their tacos, I do not . . .
  • cwolfman13cwolfman13 Posts: 36,377Member Member Posts: 36,377Member Member
    New Year= healthy eating for the entire family. Being a full time working mom does not leave me much time to cook multiple meals for the family. Can you please share some recipes your entire family (kids and picky dads) love???

    I suppose it would depend on your definition of "healthy." My whole family eats pretty healthy IMO...we make a lot of soups and stews this time of year. In warmer weather we grill chicken or fish or lean cuts of beef and pork and have a side of some kind of veg and a starch or grain. We made a spaghetti bolognese last night and we all love a good lasagna when the weather is cold.

    There are definitely things my wife and I enjoy that my kids don't care for and on those occasions we do make them something else. My oldest doesn't like beef or pork, so if I'm grilling that I will just grill him some chicken...I'm at the grill anyway so it's no big deal. My wife and I also both really like spicy foods and that is a non starter for my kids right now, so that's another area where we need to make something different for them...but it might be something as simple as making enchiladas and leaving a few of them plain without the green chiles.
  • callsitlikeiseeitcallsitlikeiseeit Posts: 6,427Member Member Posts: 6,427Member Member
    They eat what i cook.

    or they dont eat or make their own meal.

    tonight we are having chicken and black bean burritos. last night we had grilled chicken salad, night before that ham and veggie soup. one night last week we had chinese take out. another night pizza. tomorrow night some sort of chili mac and cheese thing i found online. friday night will be bratwurst I think.
  • ChrysalisCoveChrysalisCove Posts: 690Member Member Posts: 690Member Member
    I homeschool our son (age 6), and we’ve committed to cutting down substantially on eating out in 2019 so we’ll be eating 3 meals a day at home most days. He’s enjoying being my little sous-chef thus far, though the kitchen frequently looks as if a bomb went off :D

    Looking forward to lots of great ideas here!

    The hands-down favorite this week was Cheesy Black Bean & Lentil Casserole:
  • LounmounLounmoun Posts: 8,431Member Member Posts: 8,431Member Member
    Healthy dinner to me usually means 500-600 calories per serving. Some protein and vegetables or fruit generally.
    I find food ideas on pinterest often. Allrecipes, Budget Bytes, Skinnytaste are good recipe resources.

    Soups- minestrone, lentil, fassolatha, ham and bean, tomato, potato, beef or chicken noodle
    Beef stew
    Pizza, burgers, tacos, burritos, fajitas, potato nachos, chicken strips, sloppy joes often paired with salad or fruit and baked french fries
    Breakfast for dinner- eggs, pancakes, French toast, baked oatmeal
    Spaghetti, ravioli, manicotti, lasagna
    Grilled cheese or quessadilla, gyro, shawarma, stuffed bread
    Chicken noodle casserole, cheese broccoli and rice casserole, tator tot casserole, macaroni and dheese
    Seasoned baked chicken breast, pork chop or fish paired with potato, rice or pasta and vegetable
    Stuffed baked potato
    Gralic chicken stir fry, General Tso's chicken, orange chicken
    Roasted broccoli, asparagus or brussel sprouts

  • Numer1caNumer1ca Posts: 205Member Member Posts: 205Member Member
    We tend to have a salad to start. Tonight I am making Shepherds pie.
  • Numer1caNumer1ca Posts: 205Member Member Posts: 205Member Member
    Ooh, and when I calculated the calories, it was only 329. The kids will eat a lot more than one serving though.
  • amgreenwellamgreenwell Posts: 1,255Member Member Posts: 1,255Member Member
    Good for you! I decided early on that I make one meal for the family and either they eat it or they don't. I don't make multiple meals. I will leave some ingredients out so picky husband doesn't have to pick through a bowl of food to remove each piece of bell pepper but otherwise I puree the onion and he doesn't even know it's there.

    With that said my family enjoys the following:
    cranberry crock pot meatballs, steamed broccoli and sweet potatoes (with butter and sugar)
    turkey biryani
    chicken and dumplings
    shepherds pie
    shredded chicken tacos (with or without shells) with avocado, chips and salsa
    black bean soup and toast
    white bean chicken chili
    pasta bake
    pumpkin rigatoni
    Dijon chicken with rice pilaf and kale salad
    roasted chicken thighs with pears
    pepperoni tortilla pizza (kids devour this)
    beef stew
    Two tomato tortellini
    chicken sausage and roasted veggies (squash and brussel sprouts)
  • cheryldow1979cheryldow1979 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    My whole family loved this- it’s a weight watchers recipe, and if you love eggplant and cheese- this is amazing! Served it with whole wheat pasta and squash - incredible!
  • hesn92hesn92 Posts: 5,481Member Member Posts: 5,481Member Member
    my family eats what I make all the time. The only time I make a separate meal for them is when we are eating leftovers and there aren't quite enough for everyone. me and my husband will eat the leftovers and then we will make the kids a grilled cheese or something.

    Just some examples of dinners that I've made recently for you to have an idea.

    Baked ziti (basically lasagna but easier lol)
    spaghetti (even easier)
    chicken parm (takes more effort but so good)
    pork or chicken fried rice
    chicken pot pie - my favorite meal that I make
    beef stew (in the instant pot or crock pot because it's easier, but I also make it on the stove sometimes if I have time)
    pot roast
    nachos or quesadilla - I do these with chicken usually. I just cook up the chicken in the cast iron pan and then chop up real small, plus refried beans, cheese, guac etc. My 3 year old loves to just eat the chicken lol
    steak tacos with flank steak

    I also love it when my husband smokes some type of meat. Pork loin, ribs, hamburgers/brats...
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