What motivates you to keep going on your weight lose journey???


  • elisa123gal
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    You will hear from those of us who've done this that motivation comes and go. You can't wait to "feel" like just have to start doing it..or you never will. Once you get into it.. you start feeling physically so good and you see the changes that is what keeps you going..motivation or not.

    However, when motivation comes around.. like right now, the first of the year when we all want to improve is a nice wave to ride..and a great time to get started. So get on your board and ride the wave..everyone is on it. you'll have a lot of company.

    I started today with a refresh program..going to eat clean and work out keep my progress in check. I know days will come when it will get old.. but I'll push through like I did when I lost the weight. It is so worth it!

    I wish you luck.
  • Lshona
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    Great response!!!