My second time trying this😬

Hoping to stick with this, this time around!


  • thistimeforeall
    thistimeforeall Posts: 14 Member
    You will! You just gotta believe and be consistent!
  • lisaraye30
    lisaraye30 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi don’t feel bad it’s my second time too. I lose the weight but of course got pregnant lose the baby and gain more then I lose.
  • NvrGivUpM8
    NvrGivUpM8 Posts: 78 Member
    Come on over! We got you this time round 😉😊
  • yosoypops
    yosoypops Posts: 1 Member
    Welcome back Happy New Year You got this
  • Blue_eyed_girl82
    Blue_eyed_girl82 Posts: 74 Member
    You got this hang in there. I've made lots of changes already before the new year. Toxic people is one of them.
  • kimny72
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    melawhit81 wrote: »
    Hoping to stick with this, this time around!

    A great question to ask yourself is - why didn't I stick with it before? If you can figure that out and make changes to fix that, you'll be ahead of the game.

    Good luck!