Turning 40 and starting over

Hi! I have been here before, I am looking for people around the same age so we can keep each other on our toes.


  • Arnengaggle
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    I’m in the same boat. Let myself go... ready to get back at it. I’m 35 going on 36 in March. Hoping to lose my age in weight.
  • caindove11
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    Turned 40 a few months ago, feel free to add.
  • LiLee2018
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    39. I've been at this for 6m now. Feel free to add me if you want :)
  • Jtttusher
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    I turned 40 in April and I'm starting over AGAIN. My husband and I are going on a cruise in May for our 20th anniversary. I am determined this time to succeed and make it stick! Feel free to add me too. :)
  • Rags2Righteous
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    I turned 40 in September, and I'm not playing any more games. Feel free to add me, y'all. :
  • I think I’ve found my club- you’re all getting requests from me!

    I’ve let about 15 pounds creep up and need to toss them out with my thirties. In March I hit the big 4-0, and my fella is taking me on a surprise trip to celebrate. I don’t know where we’re going, but it’s going to be an adventure!
  • amiewilder
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    I am 48 and need to lose 80-100lbs. Doing low carb. I have hypothyroidism so it is SO much harder to lose now.
  • FreeeMJ
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    I turned 40 in May and am ready for a new me.
  • Nursemeg78
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    Turning 41 in February... i keep trying over and over. But this time i want to stick with it. I thought about keto diet because a girl at work did it, i thought about in.health program cuz a friend of mine lost alot of weight on that... But then i thot, i gotta do what will help ME! I don't really want to give up my oatmeal & ALL carbs!
    I've lost 30 lbs before JUST using MFP... I've tried to restart a few times and stress just got to me and i gave up. And now it's harder the older i get of course:(
    I don't want to give up this time and i want to do it for ME.
    I need to lose around 60 lbs... My fasting glucose is creeping up there and i do not want to become diabetic!
  • momtastic79
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    I thought it was just me!!! I am so glad to have found you all! My goal is to lose 40 by the time I’m 40 in August. I just can’t take this weight anymore!
  • sarahecarson
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    Need to be kept on my toes!

    I’m turning 45 this year and I am the poster child of “letting yourself go.” I need to lose 30-40 lbs. It’s amazing how much my self esteem is wrapped in my weight. I know I should be happy with whatever weight - but it is impacting my health and dang those spanx are tight!!
  • Vivadiva4422
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    I'm 44 with two kids, one is an eight month old. "4" is my lucky number. This year is my year! Feeling sexy but the jeans are tight. I've gone from a size 4-5, 128 pounds to size 8, 150 pounds. Not keeping up my exercise, oh the guilt. The skinny jeans once looked good on me. My thighs look like sausages! My husband and I have made a pact to keep each other on track. He is 39, overweight with high blood pressure and wants to get back to how he was when we met. We can do this. Good luck everyone!!!
  • frenchiesgiirl
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    I think I have found my people! I don't use MFP often and only have 2 of my friends on here and they don't really even use the app. I will be turning 40 in March. I feel good about it, but feel like I'm having a bit of a mid life crisis. I've lost over 40lbs since 2015 and have just under 20 to go, though even 10 would be fantastic. My husband isn't supportive of me so I'm looking for a positive support family.
  • 2Luverly
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    Hi there.. I’m a little older - will be 46 this month. I’ve used MFP for just over 2 years. I still have physical and mental goals to smash. I’ve pretty active. Add me if you’d like. 😊
  • Bramblenberry
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    39 and turning 40 in May. I always thought the weight would be gone well before this. Need to get my head in the game (again!). Feel free to add me.
  • elizabethhw
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    amiewilder wrote: »
    Hi, I am 48 and need to lose 80-100lbs. Doing low carb. I have hypothyroidism so it is SO much harder to lose now.
    I’m 48 too, just did my blood pressure this week and it’s high, I’ve been in this situ before (not the hypertension but the weight) need help to crack on and make permanent changes, any helpful motivation would be most welcome!
  • Bcmom50
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    Hi there! I am a returning MFP’er and turning 50 this year. I would love to lose 40lbs and my doctor thinks it’s a great idea 😉 I am extremely motivated to lose some weight and would love some friends to encourage and keep me going. Feel free to add me!
  • shaz08162915
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    Please feel free to add me I’m 46 been yo yoing for many years just got over my half way badge still abit to go but need some more support & to have fun at the same time