These Horrible Shin Splints

Hi friends,
What are your suggestions on running shoes? I've tried asics gel and foam, Nike, and Reebok. No matter the shoe, the splints always come.


  • TavistockToad
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    stretch more, run less/slower
  • droptheroll32
    droptheroll32 Posts: 8 Member
    stretch more, run less/slower

    I stretch before and after. And I run walk. I keep a slow steady pace as well.
  • WickedPineapple
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    Go to a running store, ask for a gait analysis, run awkwardly in front of them, and see what shoes they recommend based on your gait.

    Also, are you new to running? How far/fast/often are you running? You might be overdoing it and/or not allowing for enough recovery time.

    My husband starting doing calf stretches after walking to warm up the muscles, but before starting to run. That helped him. Calf and shin exercises like toe and heel raises are also supposed to help.
  • mithion
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    Try to run on your toes more instead of hard onto the heel. Shoes are the worst thing to ever happen to feet. The human foot, ankle, leg etc are designed to mechanically work efficiently by running on your toes.
  • NSthingoldline
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    All of the above. Also, try compression socks. I've noticed a huge difference.