70lb to lose friends needed



  • 87nelz
    87nelz Posts: 2 Member
    I'm looking to lose 75lbs. I don't have a fb, however I can use the support or weekly challenges.
  • ShyPar
    ShyPar Posts: 13 Member
    My goal weight is 170 as well! I’m always looking for new people to help keep each other motivated 😊
  • Looking for supportive/motivating mfp friends. Feel free to add me. I have about 95 pds to destroy. 💪🏼
  • stacer_00
    stacer_00 Posts: 14 Member
    I also need motivation to keep me going! Need friends who log regularly. I was successful 4-6 years ago, but baby and life happened. Getting married in July so would like to loose 20-40 pounds. It is a daily struggle though; have to do it diet wise as e exercise very hard for me with lots of issues since mva. Please feel free to friend me! Let's do this!!
  • nk9o
    nk9o Posts: 60 Member
    Feel free to ad me. Also 70 to go. Hopefully by years end. WE CAN DO IT!!!!
  • rileyskye1
    rileyskye1 Posts: 38 Member
    About 80 to lose! You can add me (along with anyone else)!
  • reflectionofme
    reflectionofme Posts: 310 Member
    I am on here daily if anyone wants to add me for support.
  • AnnabellaxRinger
    AnnabellaxRinger Posts: 101 Member
    I added a bunch of you! <3
  • BabeMeister83
    BabeMeister83 Posts: 56 Member
    I have lost 45 pounds and have about 100 more to lose, would love more friends to chat with and support racist along our journeys!
  • Bramble6075
    Bramble6075 Posts: 5 Member
    58 year old bloke needing to lose in excess of 50lb to live long enough to walk my daughter down the aisle. Onwards and upwards.
  • jennyrose86
    jennyrose86 Posts: 4 Member
    Feel free to add me as a friend 😊
  • Dawncxr
    Dawncxr Posts: 11 Member
    Feel free to add me. I've got 100ish to lose. I'm 305 looking to hit 204. That's where I was when I stopped the first time around. Now I wish I kept going.
  • brunzella92
    brunzella92 Posts: 46 Member
    Request sent, as well as i'd love friends to add here :)
  • AlyNicole0930
    AlyNicole0930 Posts: 6 Member
    Hey girl!! Feel free to add me! I’ve got about 50-55 pounds as well!!
  • amovin21
    amovin21 Posts: 42 Member
    Same, I need friends too to help motivate one another. I’m looking to lose 100Ibs and I find it hard to keep at it when I don’t see immediate results. :-\