Keto Buddies?

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Hello all. I started Keto 10/3, and by 1/3 (3 months later) I had lost 30 pounds! I just recently started tracking my food with this app. Now I am looking to add in workouts to get back the body I want. I got a fitbit, running shoes, and new workout clothes that is not too big for Christmas. Yay!

I want to be toned, not just skinny.

Looking to add friends on MyFitnessPal that will be supportive in this WOE and in workouts! Feel free to add me! I will try to push you to your goals too!

Me: Stephda333


  • I have been following keto for over a year. 🙂
  • rbiss
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    I just started keto. I'm on day 1 but I plan to follow keto until I'm down 100lbs then transition to low carb.
  • loopsie82
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    Hey! I need to lose 100 lbs also! I’m on day 6... let’s be friends
  • GaleHawkins
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    I started Keto Oct 2014 at the age of 63 to try and reverse my health decline due to Ankylosing Spondylitis and at 68 it is still working great for my health recovery. As long as Keto works as well as it has for four years now I plan to keep doing.

    While it was not my objective I did lose 50 pounds the first year and have maintained that lose for over 3 years now. Since I do not track food or calories there is nothing to see in my account but I do weigh twice each morning to make sure I am staying hydrated well which has been a problem all of my life. I only have 2 eating guidelines. One is to eat just less than 50 grams of carbs daily and two is to eat no foods containing any form of added sugars and or any form of any grain. Hey I am old and wanted to keep it simple as I get more forgetful. :)

    While I think Keto is awesome in my case remember it is not the only Way Of Eating that can work well to have great health. Just work to find the WOE that does work for you if you decide Keto is not for you. Best of success.
  • blwhitfield22101
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    I started keto 6 days ago. I've done it before and I really liked it so I've recommit to it. Add me and we can keep each other motivated :)