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Unhealthy cravings during periods

niharikashukla28niharikashukla28 Posts: 307Member Member Posts: 307Member Member
Girls how do you all deal with unhealthy cravings such as a piece of cake maybe during your periods?
Do you give in to your cravings or avoid it?


  • niharikashukla28niharikashukla28 Posts: 307Member Member Posts: 307Member Member
    I don't do the 'unhealthy' mindset, too negative. If I want a piece of cake and I have room for it, I have the cake. Or if I don't have quite enough room, I just accept that it's one day and I don't have a deficit that day. Granted I'm a lot more conservative these days about my portions, but I don't deny treats. Much easier to just make it work.

    Thank you so much for the reply. Glad someone has the same opinion as mine 😊
  • nearlymadeitnearlymadeit Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    I live by the rule that nothing is off limits. If I want cake I have it, I just adjust my portions for the rest of the day. This works for me otherwise I’d be craving all the things I’m not supposed to have.
  • PardyqueenxoxoPardyqueenxoxo Posts: 216Member Member Posts: 216Member Member
    I allow myself chocolate or a bit of ice cream everyday. life is too short to deny yourself treats if you really crave them, just make sure you use up the energy it provides/
  • witchaywoman81witchaywoman81 Posts: 280Member, Premium Member Posts: 280Member, Premium Member
    Went through this over the weekend. I ate whatever I felt like eating, but fit into my calorie goal. Yesterday I did have to brush my teeth to keep from over-munching though. 😂
  • stricklee11stricklee11 Posts: 147Member Member Posts: 147Member Member
    I am PMS-ing at the moment and really craved chocolate yesterday so I made sure to reserve enough calories to have it once I got home. I am bracing for more high sugar/calories cravings this week so I am already thinking of meals that could allow for more cake/chocolate.
  • callsitlikeiseeitcallsitlikeiseeit Posts: 6,427Member Member Posts: 6,427Member Member
    i dont get cravings, but do find I am hungrier.

    make room for more calories, be it with a weekly or monthly deficit instead of daily, or working out a bit more
  • quiksylver296quiksylver296 Posts: 24,157Member Member Posts: 24,157Member Member
    I eat at maintenance for those 2-3 days and allow the foods I'm craving.
  • beatyfamily1beatyfamily1 Posts: 257Member Member Posts: 257Member Member
    I don’t really get cravings anymore. I take maca for hormone regulation and stay away from fast digesting carbs. Fast digesting carbs make me crave more and also messes with my quality of sleep at night. I eat about 2200 calories a day and 3000 calories on my high carb day so I’m always full. It’s really hard to give in to temptation when I’m full.
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