Pregnant women and momma’s!

I am a mom of a 9 month old girl and am pregnant with my second :) I lost over 60 pounds from my previous pregnancy with MFP, and am trying to lose another 10 (ok’d by my dr.) and then maintain long enough to gain a small amount this pregnancy (I am still overweight from gaining 100 with my first! So my doctor says this is perfectly healthy).. I love sharing pics of my food and how I made them and the amount of calories in them. I would love some friends on here that enjoy doing the same, and also some moms looking to lose weight or pregnant women with similar goals as me. So what’s up y’all!?


  • pennyks88
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    Hi! I have an almost 3 year old and a 5 month old. Feel free to add me! :smile:
  • Junesong109
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    I have an 8 year old and pregnant with my second boy. I'm 6 months pregnant. I had previously lost 40lbs using MFP but have gained it all back since becoming pregnant. Now I want to concentrate on maintained my weight until baby is born. If I lose weight, even better. Did your doc recommend a caloric goal?
  • queennamo0616
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    She told me 1800 calories is ok for now but the next trimester I’ll need more :) I’ll add ya
  • squanders5880
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    Hi! I have a 14-month old, and am wanting to lose about 50 pounds (hopefully by the end of this year!) and start trying for baby #2 late this year. I’m just getting started on MFP (this time around) and would love some friends! Anyone please feel free to add me! :)
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    i have an 8 year old and a 4 moth old feel free to add me x
  • youcandothis2024
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    I have a 5½, 3½, & 2 yr old, and a 7 month old! 4 babies in 5 years means I need to lose about 80 more lbs before Im back to my "pre-baby" weight 🙄 This month so far I've lost 7.5!
  • ElizaRoche
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    Hi all! I’m a mom of a year and a half boy. Trying to lose 60 lbs.
    First time I used mfp back in 2012 I lost 80 lbs. so we can do it :)
    Everyone welcome to send request.
  • YindiZaana
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    Hi I am a mum of a 5 month old baby and need to lose weight before I try for another baby.feel free to add me :)
  • klovesd84
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    Congratulations!! Yay! I was pregnant when my oldest was 9 months old. There’s load of benefits to having them close together. I’m happy for you!
  • JustMeJustEm06
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    Hey y’all! Love finding momma support..!
    I have a son, just turned five at the end of December. And I’m currently 27 weeks along (tomorrow) with a little girl..!
    I’m pretty active on here and love giving support where I can! Food sharing is the beeeest!!
  • kaj848
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    Hi, I’m 20 weeks with a girl, trying not to gain too much. I mostly eat healthy but also go a little crazy on something each day. Tracking has helped me. I only have a few friends on here and would love more that are active and pregnant as well!
  • rainebowsparkles
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    Hey ladies. I'm 26 weeks pregnant and a sahm to my 3 year old. Would love to make some friends on here that are also pregnant or with young kids. I had lost 20lbs before finding out I was pregnant and at my last appt I was up 10lbs. So far this pregnancy has been my healthiest by far and I want to continue that. :)