Anyone looking to loose around 50lbs?


My name is Lola and I’m getting married in September :) I’m wanting to shift as much excess weight as I can before then. I’m currently 58lbs away from my goal of 140lbs (10 stone) - I’ve gotten to around 160lbs before and felt amazing, so will just go based on how I feel rather than the scales.

Looking to get some friends on here to keep each other accountable and motivated so if you’re on the same boat, feel free to add me :)

We can do this!


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    I think these two links are extremely helpful and can help you get the most out of MFP:

    The first covers accurate logging and some of the tools in MFP to help you make things easier. The second discusses caloric needs and setting goals. These two posts completely changed my MFP experience and helped me be much more successful, so I hope they do the same for you.

    Since you are getting married - do you have a dress picked out? If not consider opting for a corset style one, that gives you a little more leeway with sizing vs needing a more exact fit for something that buttons or zips up. Think about when you last fitting for your dress will be and set you goals for that day and plan to maintain up until the big day! This will help make sure you dress fits you perfectly on your big day and gives you some extra calories in the last few weeks, wedding planning can be stressful so it might be easier to have a more relaxed diet in the last few weeks. Congratulations on your engagement!

    ~Best wishes on your journey
  • Aw that’s so nice of you, thank you!! Great hints and tips. Yes I’ve picked my dress and think it will actually have a corset style fastening - I was worried about the whole dress fitting scenario!

    Thanks so much for the support :)
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    I am working to lose 50 lbs (30 lbs by July 1) and the remainder the second half of the year. Happy to help support you and anyone else on this exciting journey.
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    i am looking to lose 20 pounds. i’m not sure how long it will take me. maybe by June i’ll get there. 💜
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    Hi, I'm a similar weight with a similar goal. I got down to 155 before and would settle for being there again.
    Feel free to add me x
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    Same here! I got down to around 160 but I’ve gained it back and then some! I felt so good at 160! I would love to be around 150! So I have a little over 50 pounds to lose! Feel free to add me if you’d like to! Congratulations on the new engagement!
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    Hi all,
    I'm in. My goal this time is not have to lose 50lbs again. Menopause has made losing difficult. I now have a trainer who's a health nut which is great. He has taught me more about foods and the timing of when such foods as carbs should be consumed. @lola I know a motivator is to lose for your wedding however take it from a 50 plus year old. Make it a lifetime goal. I had kept my weight 160-170 for several years than I gradually slipped back into old habits and got up to 244LB. YIKES!!!
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    I’m down 30 with 30 to go. A wedding is a great motivator. For me it was watching my weight creep up right along with every year and I realized I needed to get moving or I might watch another 20 pounds the next year.
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    Congratulations on your engagement! And as someone who just got married a little over a year husband is my best supporter! I hope yours will be too!
  • Same goal!! I want to lose 50 pounds and get to 140!! I also got to about 160 three years ago and now I’m back at it!! I don’t know how to add people—can you add me?? Thanks!! Congrats on your engagement!
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    I am trying to also lose about 10 to 15 Kg's which is about 20poinds we use the metric system so I may be a bit off with my calculations, I've also just started the program and I am to have 1200 calories a day, and I aim to burn about 600 or more calories at the gym. I intend on going to the gym about 3 times a month, I want to do my next weigh in in a month to see how I've progressed.
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    I am! Please feel free to add me. Always happy to support!
  • So great to hear everyone’s goals! It makes it more real to know there’s people in a similar position - we can do this! :) I’ve tried and failed so many diets and weight has just kept creeping up! Determined to do it this time, not just for a wedding date but for life like @cocorhum says!
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    Good morning all! I haven't been on this site in several years.....was actually surprised that I still had an account hahahha. I need to lose at LEAST 50 pounds....preferably around 75.....there are several health issues involved that would benefit greatly from losing weight.....funny how most common health problems are related to being overweight. I have tried several plans but don't stick to them so I'm just trying to concentrate on eating healthier....drinking plenty of water....cutting out sugar (which is my nemesis) and exercising CONSISTENTLY!!!! It sounds as though many of you have a hard time as let's make 2019 the year!!!!! Thanks for listening!
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    I'm getting married in July and want to drop 50 pounds as well its going to be a journey but I'm all in motivation needed to stay on track and congrats to you
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    I’m looking to lose 60 pounds just so I can enjoy time with my new little one. Feel free to add me!
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    I'm in
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    I do, I lost it all before but regained it. So doing it again, 86 down 50 to go.