Gluten Free NSV

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I just wanted to share that I struggle to go gluten free and stay that way for a couple of years now. As of today I'm 51 days gf and I've noticed a HUGE difference.

No more brain fog
I can focus
I'm not dying for a nap come 2pm
I'm not so puffy/swollen
My joint pain is completely gone--I wore heels today for the first time in two years because my knees can actually handle it
No more headaches/migraines
Down ten pounds (though I've also been eating a mostly paleo diet, so that helps too I'm sure)

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's (an autoimmune disease) a couple of years ago and never noticed a difference in my symptoms, even with medication, until I stopped eating gluten. I know it's a "fad" for a lot of people, but it's truly been life-changing for me. Definitely a success that will keep me moving forward.


  • desg1218
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    Good for you! Glad you found something that makes you feel good.
  • workinonit1956
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    So happy for you! As a Celiac, I know all about the brain fog and how great it feels to be rid of it. The puffyness and fatigue too. I actually looked different a year after going gluten free—you can clearly see it in pictures. Continued good luck to you!
  • hard2findj
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    I'm happy with you in coming 51 days gluten free. It is not an easy feat, but you're doing it. Hi 5 to you! !!!!

    What I've found in my journey is that the benefits are a big drive to keep going. I know the benefits that you've experienced personally and positive responses from doctors and others feel really really good.

    Keep up the great work.

  • DebTavares
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    I am gluten free too and a celiac. One weird thing that happened is that my skin tone changed from as when I go to the make-up counter now they give me the neutral powders not the cool and also a darker shade. I also have a tonne of other issues that cleared up.
  • workinonit1956
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    DebTavares wrote: »
    I am gluten free too and a celiac. One weird thing that happened is that my skin tone changed from as when I go to the make-up counter now they give me the neutral powders not the cool and also a darker shade. I also have a tonne of other issues that cleared up.
    Mine did also. Celiac was the cause of my persistent anemia and once that got squared away I moved from the lightest makeup shades to a bit deeper.
  • Rivers2k
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    I have noticed the same thing I am not complete GF but I avoid wheat and only have it on occasions. had lots of wheat last night and felt horrible all evening. It was a good reminder why I avoid it. Glad this is working for you.
  • sexybug6
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    Feel alot better now being gluten free so much started up selling gf cakes and treats
    Now i can have homemade treats now and then which are great
  • kakassens
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    About a year ago I had campylobacter and my stomach and colon hasn't been the same since. Going gluten free is tough sometimes, and when I occasionally cheat I'm reminded why I need to stick with it! Yay for no more tummy trouble! :)
  • lvpthemvp
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    All so interesting. I’m considering trying it out. Mostly to see if there is a difference in how I feel and my joint pain.
  • Refined_by_Fire
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    After battling it for years I finally gave in. Many years ago my a blood test for basic allergies revealed that I had a gluten allergy. But I was in deniel.
    Lately it has gotten really bad.
    I have been gluten free for 3 weeks now. Cold turkey.
    And have more clarity, no headaches or digestive issues but continue to take probiotics with enzymes.
    It is hard because I can't eat what I used to but it helps being on a weight loss Challenge where I am eating healthier.
    I do have a cheat day but have to look up what I can eat at the local ff place first. I found a great app called ( find me gluten free) where you can find restaurants that serve gf meals.
  • mcmurdah123
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    I have been gluten free for a while now... I think almost 6 years but did have a period of time where I fell off the wagon. I feel so much better!

    Here’s the thing to remeber: the way you feel off gluten is the real YOU. For me, personally, there is not enough bread in the world to give that up that me. I suffered from severe depression and mood swings before taking gluten out and then again when I went back on. I couldn’t lose weight, I had to nap, severe brain fog.. you name it.

    Congrats on your success! If you even need support, don’t hesitate to reach out. It can be a hard one to stick with because bread is life 😂
  • Care76
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    Congrats, that's amazing! I have celiac disease, but before I was diagnosed I was grain free for a while because I get very painful inflammation in my joints (my hips, fingers, and shoulders/upper arms are the worst, it hurts just to lay down) from most grains. I have a sensitivity to gluten besides the celiac, along with corn, oats, buckwheat, and possibly a few other things I haven't quite narrowed down yet. I have pretty bad food allergies on top of that as well, corn derivatives being the worst. My diet is pretty restricted, but besides my food allergies I'm super healthy. You wouldn't know I have two diagnosed autoimmune diseases and I was told I had fibromyalgia by two doctors. It's amazing what food can do to our bodies and wonderful when we figure out our trigger foods. I'm so glad you're feeling so great. Keep it up, believe me it's not worth it to go back to what makes you feel like that.
  • rebelsue2
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    Gluten free 10 years here! Before i'd put on about 70lbs in a year, depressed, sick, anxious, puffy, irritable! Now i'm none of those things! I look back at old photos and my face was so puffy and yellow?! I'm super careful not to eat anything with wheat as that's my issue, and I get terrible symptoms if i do - worse than before even! I have lost about 30 of the lbs i gained and working on the rest now!! It's totally amazing what food can do to your health and body!!

    Glad you're feeling better!