Can I lose weight and get a bigger booty?

This might be a dumb question but I have a 60lb weight loss goal but at the same time I also want bigger rear end. Is this possible?


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    Sorry, OP. You can't really "spot reduce" when you're losing weight. The weight will come off where it does as it pleases, like Teabythesea_ said. She gave you some really excellent advice.
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    PS: Genetics also have a lot to do with it. Diet? Nope.
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    In terms of inches? No.

    Visually? Maybe.
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    larisabee wrote: »
    Thank you for all your responses, I have read them all and appreciate everyone of them! I will continue with my weight loss first and worry about my rear end looking like a cherry tomato or peach second and find happiness in being healthy! Finally :)

    So happy to hear this! <3

  • rheddmobile
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    You can definitely build muscle while losing weight, if you have enough weight to lose. It has nothing to do with spot reduction - muscles grow when you work them, so work your booty! Get a good lifting program and get started.

    Muscles grow by working them and being in a calorie surplus. Weight loss requires a deficit. There are certainly exceptions but OP will not have muscle growth eating what it would take to lose 60 lbs.

    The exception to that is obese newbies, who can often see muscle gains even in a deficit, since their bodies can draw from their fat stores.
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    The fat will come off where it's going to come off (you can't change that).
    You can build some muscle where you want however. (squats, deadlifts, back extensions, hip thrusts,.. for instance will help for the glutes & thighs).

    So, depending on where you carry your fat, you'll likely lose some quantity of volume on your backside (of the non-shapely-squishy variety) from the weight loss, but you can build up some shapelier firmer volume (albeit probably less quantity) there via weight training.