Mid 30's looking for friends to keep each other in track and not quit.

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Hi I'm 37 years old, I have not idea how many diets I been gone thru, I lose weight but then I gained all back and I'm really tired of this and very determined this time. I needing to lose 25 pounds, and I need friends for keeping each other motivated and keep on track. I'm new to this site so I dunno how to add friends. Please feel free to add me. Thank u😊


  • beastier
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    Hi 43 m uk here
  • nbrady001
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    I am 30 and beginning week 3. I have lost 3 lbs so far and have 22 lbs left to lose to get to 110 lbs. I am 5'4 or 5'5. Sticking to 1200 to 1400 calories.
  • trinniethu
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    30s restarting, long time calorie counter.
  • thepainmaker88
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    I'm 30 and trying to loose 30-35 LBS I'll shoot ya FR
  • thepainmaker88
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    well I would send you a FR but somehow your profile disappeared
  • Silent_Soliloquy
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    I'm 35, have lost 32 lbs, need to lose ten more. Focussing on fitness more than weight loss now though.

    Anyone please add me.
  • RockinBaker5210
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    33 and looking to lose 30 pounds. Feel free to add me! :smile:
  • SarahObrien2017
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    32 and looking for friends to keep me on track:) trying to drop 25! I have no idea how to add ppl I have tried haha. Send me requests!
  • mathdad41
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    Feel free to add me
  • sachinxsharma
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    45, Trying to lose 35 pounds. Feel Free to add me and good luck.
  • TanyaHooton
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    I'm 36F. I've lost 27 pounds over the past few years, working harder at it now. Feel free to add me.
  • Shinryu787
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    I'm 37, trying to lose 35 pounds, you can add me too.
  • StargazerB
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    well I would send you a FR but somehow your profile disappeared

    I saw that too, I guess she doesn't like mfp.
  • ThtDudeCam
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    What’s up!!! I’m 35, I’ve lost 20+ lbs before joining MFP and an additional 50+ since joining. I’m motivated just like I know you all are to continue this journey.. Feel free to add me let’s
    DO WORK!!!✌️👊💪😁
  • Same here! Done restarting as well. I’ll add you and good luck!
  • lucyluvhandles
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    I'm 37 in California
    45 lbs to lose
    I'll add you
  • Mominajourney
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    I'll be 34 on Saturday and have 75 lbs to lose!! Everyone is free to add me
  • renriqu1
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    Hi, 33 and looking to drop 25-30 pounds. Please feel free to add me.
  • steveko89
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    I'll be 30 in April. Trying to drop ~10 lbs to get nice and lean so I can bulk slowly and efficiently. I'll send you an add request.
  • CharlieCharlie007
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    Looks like op dropped out. Well, anyone who is serious about making a change can friend me. Just a warning though, I do not tolerate drama or flirting. Thats not why I am here. Other than that, anyone is welcome.