Connection between weight loss and visible body fat?

Hey all you lovely people! So for starters, I am one of those ladies who has pouches of visible body fat all over: saggy arms, a big old belly, back rolls, and thunder thighs.

I'm relatively fresh into my new journey, but I've made some huge changes. I haven't had any beer or soda in over 2 weeks, I switched from drinking coffee with tons of flavored creamer and sugars to drinking it black, I started counting my calories on here and making more conscious decisions about healthy eating, and I've even started some beginner exercising a few days a week.

I'm happy to report that I'm already down 5 pounds! My doctor told me a way to feel awesome about that is to go the supermarket and hold 5 pounds of ground beef and know that that's what I've lost. That was pretty cool, except for one thing...

There is no VISIBLE change in my body: despite losing what feels like a significant amount, my rolls and pouches are as big as ever. Granted, I'm not expecting my belly to go flat! But I thought at least I could see some kind of reduction.

My main questions are these: as you lose weight through diet and exercise, are you actually losing any of that "fat" that sits and jiggles on you? Can the pouches and rolls diminish eventually? If so, at what point is there a VISIBLE change in your physical appearance? Thanks everyone!!!!


  • TynaBaby17
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    It can be hard to notice changes in our physique because we see ourselves all the time! And the tiny changes don't get noticed because they are so gradual!
    I would suggest taking progress photos, they help you see the big step differences as well as taking body measurements instead of just weighing yourself! Maybe you can't immediately tell you look different but perhaps your waist size has actually gone down!

    I didn't reeeeally start noticing a really tangible difference until I lost around 15 pounds, but before that I had lots of changes in body measurements and it is fairly reassuring and lets you know something is actually happening!

    Also you don't have to give up things like soda and coffee creamer cold turkey either! Especially if you really like them! Moderation is key and you can just account for it in your tracking :)

    Congrats on your 5 pounds!! Good luck!!
  • Fflpnari
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    mentally I never saw a difference. Gradually my clothes started getting looser. I picked up my 20 pound weight vest and thought of the weight Ive lost, and so weird but I don't feel different. 78 pounds down 30ish to go
    Take pictures, and measurements. It does help. My stomach is my worst and it looks softer and jiggles more.
  • lorrpb
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    You're off to a great start. You sound like a smart woman so I'm sure you REALLY don't expect to see a huge body difference with 5 lbs! Progress pics are essential, as are measurements. I only did mine every 3 months because I wanted to guarantee I would see a difference, lol. Many people do monthly.
    I could tell my clothes were looser after 10 lbs.
  • BethE238
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    Ditto all the above. Also, if you have a significant amount of weight to lose, you probably have a lot of “visceral fat” (fat around your organs) that needs to come off too. Great for your health to lose it, bummer for the mirror. Keep up the good work!
  • kshama2001
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    Another vote for pictures and measurements.

    I think I was down 30 pounds before my brain finally noticed.
  • hazeleni
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    I think what helped me was going shopping for new pants and having to ask the saleswoman for smaller sizes constantly.. I almost laughed her off when she brought me a Small..
  • Johnd2000
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    Buy an item of clothing that’s slightly too small for you. It feels great the first time you can actually do that zip up and even better when it stops being a struggle.
  • NovusDies
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    Nice work on the 5!

    Something will show up if you really pay attention. Clothes have been mentioned but there are other ways. It could be something simple like climbing stairs is just a tad easier.
  • Dilvish
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    I was 269lbs. I lost 25lbs in 13 weeks and still didn't really see any difference and my weight is all in the belly. It takes time.

    I would actually be shocked if you could physically see a difference after only 5lbs. lost. Its a good start but the physical appearance part will take some time.

    Just keep going, slow and steady...remember this is a journey, not a destination.
  • patrickaa5
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    At my high weight I had about 100lbs to lose. I think family started noticing at about 30lbs. I've lost 50lbs (or half of what I need) and more people are noticing. Yesterday, I went to the dentist for my 6 month cleaning, and the first thing my hygienist asked was how much weight had I lost.

    But, even after losing 1/2 of what I need to lose, I still don't "see" that much change when I look in the mirror. Pretty normal, I would say.
  • rnwclark84
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    You see yourself alot the changes will be in small incraments your best bet is to take photos at the start of your journey and at each weigh in youll be pleased with your progress