Weight gain journey

Hello, my story in why I wanted to gain weight was because I’ve been underweight for almost most of my life before I started my weight gain journey I was 118 lbs and 5,4 and hated the way my body looked , I was always insecure and around other girls , it made me feel defenseless and weak. To me it was mostly because I wasn’t eating properly I never ate because I was caught up in work or school that I basically deprived my body of proper nutrition so I literally had to start eating a little more than I did usually slowly and overtime I was eating the proper 3 meals a day with snacks in between and now I currently weight 135lbs it was a struggle but it was worth it! I’m fitting my clothes properly and feel more confident! My goal weight is 150lbs so I still have ways to go.


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    Welcome and wish you much success with your goals!
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    Thank you!
  • Hi! I just started lasterday and started entering my calorie intake yesterday. I'm trying to gain weight as well because I look like a toothpick especially when I wear jeans or shorts and I'm overall flatter than a carpet. I'm not underweight actually, I just have a very low fat percent, however, I have a pretty large round butt compared to the rest of my body but a big butt isn't my main concern. I. Need. Hips. Hopefully, by March I've gained enough to fill out my skinny jeans! (I wear size 0 skinny jeans... that's how toothpick-ish I am)
  • By the way, I weigh 100 pounds and I'm 5'3. My goal is 150 pounds as well!
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    U r amazing, never forget that! U got this girl, go take it
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    Flatly patty2 we are going to soon reach them goals lol andNvrGivup thank u for your support and I won’t give up like I did like many times before lol! I’m for real this time, I came too far to give up now
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    Girl, I wanna cry. I relate to your story so much.

    I’m 23 years old and have always been a really skinny girl. I recently went to the doctor and found out I was only 109 pounds and wasn’t getting enough nutrients. So for the past 2-3 months I’ve been drinking protein shakes, eating protein bars and trying to eat more food in general. I noticed I was maintaining the weight but never gaining any. I weighted myself today and noticed I lost a few pounds (105) due to some stress recently probably. I have yet to find anything to help me gain weight and everything I research is for muscle building, body building, etc. I am a waitress 5 days a week so I move A LOT and have a hard time intaking more calories then I’m burning.

    I’ve been bullied about my weight for years and continue to feel sensitive about it to this day. I need help. If anyone has any tips it would be greatly appreciated. 😭🤞🏻
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    Your goal is to reach an overweight BMI?