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38 here looking to lose 60 lbs

Please add me and add yourself to the thread



  • ElizaRoche
    ElizaRoche Posts: 2,005 Member
    :'( any more moms in here
  • Mom of two here! :) in 2018 I lost 20lbs and I’ve got about 30-40 pounds left to lose. Adding you now! Anyone else feel feee to add me as well
  • Happily_Chaotic
    Happily_Chaotic Posts: 44 Member
    Mom of six here! I don't know anyone else who's trying to get healthy.
  • MamaJames2008
    MamaJames2008 Posts: 8 Member
    Mom of 5! Just getting started... again lol.
  • XxAngry_Pixi
    XxAngry_Pixi Posts: 192 Member
    Mum of 3 here, got over 100 pounds to lose feel free to add me!
  • Kangamoo11
    Kangamoo11 Posts: 2 Member
    Mom of 4! Youngest just turned 1 and it's time to get back to normal ish.
  • cask16
    cask16 Posts: 195 Member
    Mum of 2 - about 25-30lbs to loose but am more interested in trying to regain some muscle tone
  • VirtualMellie
    VirtualMellie Posts: 68 Member
    mom of two ( 2 year old and 3 month old) feel free to add me!
  • mabearof6
    mabearof6 Posts: 684 Member
    44, mom of 6, a few have flown the coop
  • 12Sarah2015
    12Sarah2015 Posts: 1,117 Member
    Mum of two, 37. I do work part time. Just 3kg to go but it hasn't budged since october
  • MJGBB213
    MJGBB213 Posts: 1 Member
    How do you add someone?
  • Je55ica_79
    Je55ica_79 Posts: 276 Member
    39 mom of 4 here lost 20 trying to lose 80 more pounds. I haven't been using the diary just been eating xalow carb high protein and trying to increase my activity. If anyone wants to add me please do!
  • Convivial85
    Convivial85 Posts: 17 Member
    Mum of five here, think I gained weight over Christmas 😫😫 now I have even more weight to loose 😓
  • bebesmommy
    bebesmommy Posts: 1 Member
    Hello I'm 30 and on a Journey for 3 years and 2 pregnancies and breastfeeding, later I've lost a total of 30 lbs, getting back to it
  • Lambacker
    Lambacker Posts: 7 Member
    33yrs old mom of 3. Lost 30, looking to lose 22lbs more and gain muscle! Add me! Looking to build my community. I’ll be going through and adding you all.
  • luckymommy27
    luckymommy27 Posts: 128 Member
    Mom of four crazy energetic kiddos. 10,7,5 and 3. Aiming to lose 20 pounds! Add me if youd like!
  • ExistingFish
    ExistingFish Posts: 1,259 Member
    Mom of 3, lost 35lbs in 2018 and maintaining since September 2018
  • luckymommy27
    luckymommy27 Posts: 128 Member
    Mom of 3, lost 35lbs in 2018 and maintaining since September 2018

    Way to go!
  • proudmomma86
    proudmomma86 Posts: 48 Member
    Mom of 4 with around 35 lbs to lose. Feel free to add me
  • molliencharlie
    molliencharlie Posts: 22 Member
    Mom of two here! My two year old and two month old keep me busy, but after a health scare after my youngest was born I really need to lose this weight and keep it off. I've lost about ten pounds since mid January and have about 110 more to go! Anyone feel free to add me.