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How to transition from long term cut to bulk?

duteshreddedduteshredded Member Posts: 32 Member Member Posts: 32 Member
I’ve went from 100kg in 2016 to now currently at around 55-57kg at 170cm(just on 5’7) and have sort of stalled a bit in weight loss and the thought of a bulk is very tempting although the fear of fat gain is also keeping me from starting one now that I finally see abs lol. I’m not that big at all really so was wondering how I would change my diet and possibly training in order to bulk properly without unnecessary fat gain


  • rose2_0rose2_0 Member Posts: 152 Member Member Posts: 152 Member
    You’re going to gain some fat regardless but bulking smart will help with extra fat gain. I think training in maintenance for a couple months is a good idea personally. Coming out of a cut, nice and lean.. it’s hard. I feel like I’m just primed for fat gain when I’m really lean and my hunger hormones haven’t leveled out yet. All you need is 250 cals above maintenance for .5 lb per week gain.
  • JonnydebrascoJonnydebrasco Member Posts: 68 Member Member Posts: 68 Member
    Ok no matter what you do if you want to bulk you will gain fat. Look it’s not the end of the world as a lot of the gains if done properly will be muscle. If you eat clean and cycle your carbs then you will bulk clean. Besides after your bulk is done just cut again. That’s my two cents I’ve been doing this for over 20 years
  • kimny72kimny72 Member Posts: 15,954 Member Member Posts: 15,954 Member
    I am not speaking from experience, just what I've read here. But I believe the key to minimizing fat gain on a bulk is to not gain too fast and to work a well designed progressive strength program.

    Check out the Most Helpful Posts thread pinned to the top of this forum, lots of good info in there!
  • edickson76edickson76 Member Posts: 107 Member Member Posts: 107 Member
    That is a massive cut. Great job! Having lost that large a percentage of your body weight, though, I would recommend hanging out at your new weight and just maintaining for at least a couple months. It takes time for the body to adjust to a new settling point and have your metabolism get back up after a long period of weight loss.

    Layne Norton has a series of vids on YouTube, addressing this issue if you are interested.
  • TavistockToadTavistockToad Member Posts: 35,741 Member Member Posts: 35,741 Member
    I'd spend a bit of time in maintenance before diving straight into a cut, personally
  • DancingMoosieDancingMoosie Member Posts: 7,683 Member Member Posts: 7,683 Member
    I agree with trying maintenance for a while. Recomp.
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