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Fitbit vs Samsung Health step count

SRJ5820SRJ5820 Posts: 63Member Member Posts: 63Member Member
Just went on a walk. Fitbit calculated 1211 steps, and Samsung had 799 steps. I tried to test yesterday. They seemed spot on when I would take 20 or 40 steps. Fitbit says it is automatic set up. Anybody know if 1 I more correct then the other based on their own usage from these 2 devices?


  • PhirrgusPhirrgus Posts: 1,626Member Member Posts: 1,626Member Member
    My experience only between a Fitbit Versa and the Samsung gear 2, the Fitbit wins hands down. I can't speak to any other models, and the Samsung died on me so I can't do a direct head to head comparison.

    The Samsung always seemed to just not detect steps for long stretches, same for flights of stairs.
  • Cassandraw3Cassandraw3 Posts: 954Member, Premium Member Posts: 954Member, Premium Member
    I have a Samsung Gear Sport. I have noticed that it is not accurate with step counts (meaning it doesn't count steps) if I am doing anything where my hands are in a steady position (pushing a stroller, shopping cart, etc.). I have never used a fitbit so I cannot say anything to the accuracy of that.

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  • shadow2soulshadow2soul Posts: 7,686Member Member Posts: 7,686Member Member
    Try a couple 100 step count tests (that’s what Fitbit CS asks you to do when you think their device is missing steps). Manually count 100 steps and then check to see if both devices step count increased by 100.

    I’ve owned both a bunch of Fitbit models and tried a Samsung Gear S2 at one point. Both reported similar step counts.
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