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Confused, is this a Slimcado or regular avocado?

MikePTYMikePTY Posts: 3,244Member, Premium Member Posts: 3,244Member, Premium Member
I could use some clarification on this. Since moving to Panama 5 years ago, I have always loved to eat what I assumed to be an avocado. That's what we call it here, and its always treated as such. But looking into it a little more, it appears it may be whats considered a "Slimcado," which has a different calorie count than the traditional Hass Avocado. The slimcado refers to a type of avocado (although technically, it's a different fruit) grown in Florida that is naturally lower in fat.

I am thinking that might be what our avocados are. They are definitely not the Hass avocados. They are much larger and have a lighter green shell. We are also a tropical climate, similar to Florida. So I would think that is what it is, but I haven't heard anyone here ever mention anything about it, so I am not certain. I want to make sure I am accounting for the calories correctly when I log, so I am curious if anyone has any info to help me figure it out. I've included a picture of one below.



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