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Best free Roku workouts?

kenyonhaffkenyonhaff Posts: 1,179Member Member Posts: 1,179Member Member
Hey there, MFPers!

Our family recently got a Roku TV, and while we're loving it....I got to say, I've been underwhelmed by the free fitness channels. Anyone out there have a recommendation?


  • swirlybeeswirlybee Posts: 345Member Member Posts: 345Member Member
    You can use youtube on roku. Youtube is a good resource for free fitness. Try Fitness Blender on youtube.
  • Sunshine_And_SandSunshine_And_Sand Posts: 1,217Member Member Posts: 1,217Member Member
    Popsugar has a lot of workouts posted on YouTube as well, and it's a pretty good variety. I've tried some of their kickboxing workouts and yoga workouts, and I've liked them all so far.
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