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Hi, im struggling for ideas for my lunch, im always in and out of meetings at lunch time so nibble my way through, I can’t have anything that needs heating up or anything too smelly. Currently ive been having sandwiches and a packet of crisps which not only eats massively into my calorie allowance but also gives me stomach ache!!! Help!!!!! I have tomates avocado and feta for breakfast otherwise i would have this for lunch.... any ideas please?


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    What kind of sandwich are you making that eats massively into your calorie allowance? I often have a sandwich and a garden salad.

    You could do a big salad with leftover cold chicken. My wife often gets a rotisserie chicken on the weekend and uses that on her salads for the week along with various toppings. She eats a lot of salads, so she always varies the other toppings and dressing.
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    • Cold Pasta Dishes
    • Using Sandwich Thins instead of a big bulky sandwich
    • Lighter snacks like popcorn/skips/etc
    • Cup-a-soup (presume you have access to a kettle) & crackers
    • Salad (if you like it)
    • Pitta Pockets
    • Stuffed Lettuce Leaves (not my idea of fun but some people like them)
    • Stuffed Peppers
    • Quiche

    You get the idea, you can always try google/pinterest too including food names you like in the search.
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    Thank you both, i have seeded bread with cheese and marmite. But its more the stomach aches which i think is a result of the bread! I find salads dont fill me up but i could try pasta and chicken, i need to check out the calories but it sounds good. Ive tried cup a soup but again they dont fill me up and i end up snacking!! Thank you both for your help
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    Thank you both, i have seeded bread with cheese and marmite. But its more the stomach aches which i think is a result of the bread! I find salads dont fill me up but i could try pasta and chicken, i need to check out the calories but it sounds good. Ive tried cup a soup but again they dont fill me up and i end up snacking!! Thank you both for your help

    Maybe add some grains, seeds, nuts, lentils, etc to salad to make it more filling. I was never really a fan until I started adding a bit more to them.

    This is a great guide for Mason Jar type salads
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    Ill give them a go, thank you
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    Like another said, I'd try a different bread choice if I was you. Sometimes for lunch I have cubes of cheese, wheat tine crackers and fresh fruit. I also sometimes have cut up, fresh veggies and dip (cottage cheese with a little mayo and dried ranch mixed in). I try and eat lighter for lunch and once I'm home I have a decent snack before dinner a couple hours later.
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    Protein shake(regular milk w protein in a shaker cup) with a banana is quick, low calories and extremely inexpensive. If you need cheap calories to feel full, add something like gram crackers.
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    My favorite no-cook lunch is a sliced apple, a garlic herb cheese stick, a serving of mixed nuts and two servings of Chex mix. Eating this is very satisfying and makes me oddly happy.
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    Could you switch out your breakfast if your usual is something you could bring for lunch?

    Other lunch ideas:
    Hard boiled egg
    Hummous with veggie sticks
    Apple and peanut butter
    Cheese stick or cubes
  • I love an assortment of foods for lunch. Olives, tuna in a pouch, pepperoni, hummus, boiled eggs, cheese sticks, berries, apples, peanut butter. It’s like a charcuterie board at your desk!
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    I’ve had lots of success in the past with BENTOS, the Japanese style lunches. They are structured for variety, portion control, and nutrition. Not only that, but they’re also designed to be eaten at room temp and incorporate anti-bacterial approaches to ensure food safety. The basic premise is to choose foods from five colors: red, yellow, green, white, and black. The visual appeal alone is incredible! But don’t get intimidated by how fancy they look - they are NOT difficult to make!

    Macros tend to follow a similar pattern: a portion of rice, a protein, a veggie dish, and something pickled (aids in digestion).

    Another principle is that the container size correlates with the approximate caloric total. For example, I have several boxes around 500 ml capacity and the calories for that meal are around 500. Obviously, if you packed nothing but cheesecake, this wouldn’t apply. 😉

    Now, do you have to fix Japanese food? No. But I personally like to add some dishes in like baked salmon, inarizushi, veggie rolls, or potato salad (their style is much different than American). I also love packing nuts, cherry tomatoes, tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelet - my grandkids’ favorite), cheese and meat skewers, and sugar snap pea pods.

    I’ve also taken a cue from Those That Know and brought miso soup - either in a thermos or i mix up the miso and add-ins like green onion and tofu, and twist it up in a little plastic wrap packet and make it in a mug at work.

    I haven’t worked in a few years but still find reasons to make bentos and now that I’m back on MFP, they’ll be part of my eating plan.

    Sorry if this suggestion has already been made somewhere. I just haven’t found much on the topic on here.

    Best to you -
    🍱 April
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    I also should point out that the container doesn’t have to be a actual bento box. Any shallow container with a lid will do. Online searches will have you down any variety of rabbit holes.
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    A few ideas just off of my head

    Tuna kimuchi rice bowl (less rice and more tuna to ease up on the carbs, you can add various stuff for variety, tofu, nuts, boiled vegs etc.)
    Burritos with beans and ground beef
    Sushi rolls - the kind without raw fish
    Some kind of salad with boiled shrimp or chicken
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    I'd have salad in a box... Pack chicken and croutons separately in snap lock bags and in the box have lettuce bacon cheese and dressing in a little container... Come to lunch time, tip it all together and enjoy
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    As April said above, bento style lunches are a great thing to have if you're bored of sandwiches. I have the cookbook for JustBento but there's also a bunch of ideas available on the website if you're interested and want to try it out.
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    My lunches:
    - two boiled eggs, veggies, 2 laughing cow cheeses, home made protein bar
    - tuna and crackers, veggies, jello pudding cup (this may fall under smelly)
    - I used to make a quinoa salad (if you are interested I can pull out recipe) with veggies, laughing cow cheese, home made protein bar.
    - soup, veggies, 2 laughing cow cheeses, home made protein bar (but this needs a microwave)

    but you get the picture. a protein (and if you like cold chicken or other meats that works too), vegetables for "filling", added protein as needed like the laughing cow cheese and protein bar (but you can replace with whatever fruit or snack). Other options would be some almonds (I eat those as my snack), fruit.

    Or various cold salads (I am not a fan of actual salads so opt for more mixed beans salads or quinoa salads)