UK 30 year old female looking for friends!



  • Rogersfit1
    Rogersfit1 Posts: 19 Member
    Feel free to add me . I’m in deepest darkest Norfolk
  • ashleyih
    ashleyih Posts: 76 Member
    From the states but love accountability and support-feel free to add me!
  • gdarling345
    gdarling345 Posts: 16 Member
    Having another crack at this. Uk too
  • GratefulWayFarer
    GratefulWayFarer Posts: 62 Member
    Any UK based people can add me too!
  • angelsja
    angelsja Posts: 860 Member
    tams_89 wrote: »
    Hey 29 from Midlands

    29 Midlands also :) Chesterfield area
  • eeanneli
    eeanneli Posts: 35 Member
    33 glasgow always happy to have new friends
  • KishJijTin
    KishJijTin Posts: 37 Member
    37 Cardiff ,don't know how to add ppl yet ,so anyone is free to add me.
  • cask16
    cask16 Posts: 195 Member
    33 and in Gloucestershire

    171lbs after baby number 2 - aiming for 145-150ish x
  • key7799
    key7799 Posts: 13 Member
    I'm 32 from notts. Restarting my journey tomorrow looking for friends feel free to add me
  • ciwanjanoo
    ciwanjanoo Posts: 38 Member
    I'm Jwan from kurdistan and i do not know how to add someone 😄
  • _SoundWave_
    _SoundWave_ Posts: 233 Member
    Glasgow too and feel free to add me
  • katashalouise
    katashalouise Posts: 10 Member
    28 living in Lancashire, still trying to lose the baby weight 18months later 🙈 feel free to add me!
  • Howl_Of_Solace
    Howl_Of_Solace Posts: 16 Member
    27 from Hampshire, UK! You're definitely right! Added you 😊
  • foodwhisperer1
    foodwhisperer1 Posts: 6 Member
    Hiya. I'm 33 from the Midlands, have just joined MFP yesterday and would love to make some friends along the way for motivation! Feel free to add me, and I will add some of you from this post. If you don't want to accept then I won't be offended lol. 🙂
  • kttyson
    kttyson Posts: 77 Member
    Getting back to this after not being able to exercise for 6 months (on doctors orders). Based around Oxford with a 30 pound weight loss goal. Would love motivational friends
  • ryando
    ryando Posts: 31 Member
    I’ll be your friend
  • staticsplit
    staticsplit Posts: 538 Member
    30 & living in Edinburgh!