I do need help

I need lost of motivation and support
Once I start something then stop it’s harder for me to get back into it.
It’s hard for me to cut back on food to eat small portions and drink lots of water it’s hard for me to keep up on also


  • 3M_TA3
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    It is pretty hard for me too right now....
  • cmriverside
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    If I could actually motivate people I'd be Tony Robbins or Steven Furtick.

    I'd say that for me weight loss had to be more important than all the reasons to eat. Nutrition was Job #1 because if I don't get enough protein, fat and vegetables I can't stick to any kind of calorie deficit. I learned by trial and error - not by lightening bolt. It is a process that is lifelong, so settle in for the long haul not the quick fix. :)
  • KrisChampagne
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    motivation is ard to find once you lose it! I battle with this all the time
  • cathipa
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    Can you just try one new thing per week and stick to it? Maybe try drinking 8 cups of water daily for the first week. Once this is mastered then build from there. Sometimes too many changes at once can be difficult and lead to loss of motivation when the task seems to daunting.
  • mmultanen
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    There are times I have to reset and just take it a day at a time.

    In those moments I ask myself: "what am I willing to do today to stay on the path to better health" (and I make myself answer the question with specifics) Some days, maybe I'm only willing to commit to an extra glass of water, maybe I'm willing to commit to pre-logging food. Maybe I'm willing to walk the dog an extra loop around the 'hood.

    When I'm taking it one day at a time I stay off the scale. It's not helpful for me in those moments.

    It's helpful to remember that every moment is a chance to start again. one moment of imperfection isn't dooming yourself to never losing the weight, or never getting healthy. It's also helpful to remind yourself you're human. You will want to go to happy hour with friends, you'll want to go to the movies and get popcorn, you'll want that piece of cake. Ok. Just don't do it every day. Do it and make those moments special.

    You've got this. You know you can, and you will! It won't look like anybody elses journey, cause its your journey.