Running in Winter

I HATE winter running (which is really funny since I'm Canadian and live in Nova Scotia) It's bitterly cold today (feel like of -21C) and I need to do 4k. I'm training to run 40k for my 40th birthday. I'm on week one and really don't want to miss a day on the first week! I've never run in anything below -15, and that was once! I'm not sure I can get to the gym tonight to use the TM. (That I much prefer the early morning when it's nice and quiet with hardly anyone there)

I was thinking of doing a Leslie Sansone 3 mile video (Closes to 4k). Would you consider that adequate substitution? It's a walk not really a run. I do think it's better then nothing, unless you can give me to motivation I need to get outside! (I do have all the layers I need for outside running in winter!)


  • anothermfpuser
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    I used to run outside in the winter at any/all costs. The cold wasn't the issue - it's the ice. Even with crampons, I still did it but never totally enjoyed it.

    This year I decided to not do it during the ice/snow conditions and have put my efforts into the other activities I do which help to support running but I do not do because of running.

    Find what works best for you and do it.
  • emmamcgarity
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    I like Leslie Sansone. In my mind when she says “boosted walking” in some of her videos I equate that to light jogging. Is it the same as your current running routine? No. Will it help you reach your goal? Maybe. I don’t know if I’d consider it an actual substitute but I am not familiar with your program segments.

    I am currently doing c25k using the NHS podcasts. If the weather isn’t agreeable my plan is to walk/run the segments in place in my living room. It’s not ideal, and luckily I live in a warmer climate. But I dont have a treadmill and I just don’t really enjoy going to a gym.
  • cwolfman13
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    I'd probably just make it a point to get to the gym this evening. The walk would be better than nothing, but not really a substitute for a training run. If I was a dedicated runner in a cold climate I would also most likely invest in my own treadmill. That said, I'm a wuss in the cold...I cycle and I don't do so outside unless it's at least 40F...otherwise I'm on my indoor bike trainer (most of the winter).
  • mbaker566
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    how badly do you want this?
    i do not really think the video is the same thing
    get to the gym.

    also, you can always put on more clothes. the cold hasn't stopped me. the ice has.
  • tn3sport
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    Water jog indoor pool. Skip the fancy water jog vest, just jump in the deep in and start running in place. If youre working, you dont need any vest, belt, or additional buoyancy.

    Ive found the pace to be nearly directly proportional to the running mile pace. E.g. if you can jog an 8 minute mile outside, water jogging for 8 minutes is about equal to a mile.

    Warning. Its boring. I mean like “staring at the second hand of tge clock in your last high school class of the day” boring. But, its effective and can be subbed in on the coldest days.

    If youre a serious runner and track your steps/min pace, you can do the same pacing in the pool. E.g. I hit 90 steps/minute in a 7 minute mile. I try to maintain the sane cadence in the pool.

    Benefit is zero injuries in water jogging.

    Good luck
  • z4oslo
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    I run outside all year, and I live in Norway, so im used to cold dark and icy weather.
    There are certainly days I dont really feel like going for a run (and i even have a treadmill in the basement) but as soon as I get home from work, i change my clothes to my running clothes, warm up and put on my shoes.

    At this point its really hard to NOT going out for a run.
  • granitepeak1981
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    I think the treadmill is the way to go. I’m training for a 1/2 marathon and I know that it’s going to hurt really bad because this winter the snows and cold temps have been so bad that I can’t even bear running outside. -15 without windchill today. I can’t bring myself to run more than 4 miles on the treadmill so my long runs are suffering.