Hi everyone!!
I am looking for a little feedback on anyone that has done fasting. If so has it worked for you to lose weight? I am wanting to try it.
Please advise


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    you lose weight through a calorie deficit - no need to fast, but if it helps you maintain a calorie deficit - go for it.

    people use IF (if that is the fasting you are referring to) to gain, lose or maintain their weight - it all comes down to calorie intake.
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    It’s helpful because I’m not hungry in the morning so I just skip breakfast. You still have to be in a calorie deficit though to lose weight.
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    Intermittent fasting is eating only during certain periods of the day to better control your calorie intake. It works well for some people who find that it gives them better control and keeps them on their goal.

    That is very different than traditional fasting, which is abstaining from food for periods of 24 hours or more. I would not recommend doing traditional fasting for weight loss as it will likely just cause a yoyo weight effect and is not sustainable long term.
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    What kind of fasting are you talking about?

    Regardless, being in a calorie deficit causes weight loss. If a particular eating schedule helps you stick to your calorie goal, it will help you lose weight. If you do something too extreme, it could cause huge water weight fluctuations and appetite issues.

    There are lots of people here who do some form of intermittent fasting, so if you could be more specific I'm sure you'll get lots of feedback.
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    I started fasting on 2/12, at first I was only doing like 12 hours and eating very low carb two meals a day. I have a hard time hitting my macros in calories and usually lacking in the fat. I'm not going to quit eating foods I enjoy sometimes like going out for tacos (good tacos not fast or such, I just am more conscious and don't go overboard and may fast for a whole day before going to eat my higher carb meal. So now I regularly fast for a minimum of 18 hours and usually it is more like 20. Yesterday was 25 hour fast that was because I wanted to do my cardio in that state. I only drink green tea and water during fasting.

    I'm also doing 30 min of cardio daily, I will be adding in some strength training to help with rebuilding my muscles. I was at doc on 2/6 and weighed in at 223, ridiculous. I weighed in this morning at 205, now I don't put this down since I like to adjust for water weight so I claim I'm down to 210 for sure. I think 13 pounds lost in 15 days isn't too bad, I expect it to slow some but I can tell you already my clothes fit different than when I was 210 in the summer, I definitely can tell.

    My goal besides weight loss is to heal my thyroid issues since I believe it is related to continuous high insulin I had created from the inability to stop shoving crap in my mouth, sweet creamer with coffees, high carb/high sugar meals and snacks and tons of garbage all the time. I feel so much better and now am disgusted now with how we have become grazers like cows in the pasture. We need to limit the amount of time each day we are consuming and do other things, it is amazing how dependent we are on food and drink especially when we socialize. Nothing wrong with it, we just need to stop eating and drinking all the time.
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    Thank you all that took your time to share your opinions and also your thoughts. I might just try every other day and do only about 16 hours. I usually eat very well and low carbs I am just needing a boost
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    To make sure it's clear, the alternate day "fasting" protocol (Krista Varady's) does not suggest fasting every other day and dieting at a normal level on the others, or even true fasting (eating nothing) at all. The idea is to eat more than maintenance (125%) on the regular days and then about 25% of your maintenance on the fasting days, even for weight loss -- that works out to about a lb a week.

    It's similar to 5/2, where you eat maintenance 5 days a week and very low (but again around 500) on 2.

    Here's a link that discusses one disappointing study (no better no worse, but more drop outs), but also some reasons why it might be helpful for some anyway. Obviously if interested in the study, you'd need to find it (shouldn't be too hard):

    The study that suggests timing matters (although too preliminary to draw any conclusions from) which is referenced in the Harvard blog I think is one of the circadian rhythm ones, that suggests that if one IFs and wants benefits beyond calorie control, timing calories early might be helpful (I'm skeptical, but would be interested if more evidence is developed).

    The problem, of course, is that for most people it's important to keep dinner, as it tends to be the most social meal. Elsewhere, Varady has discussed how originally she recommended that on the "fast" days the small number of calories be eaten as a lunchtime meal, so as to make it easier. People objected and said they wanted to still be able to have dinners with people, such as family, friends, and based on her testing and observation of this, it worked as well no matter which meal in the day the calories were consumed.
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    Thank you all that took your time to share your opinions and also your thoughts. I might just try every other day and do only about 16 hours. I usually eat very well and low carbs I am just needing a boost

    Not sure what boost you are thinking of but I would say that one the benefits I found from IF (two different versions) was a better understanding of my hunger signals and breaking the habitual nature of some of my eating. It's breakfast time so I'll eat breakfast whether hungry or not, whether I need it or not as an example.

    BTW - I disliked 16:8 fasting when I tried it as found the artificial time restriction was just frustrating. I do still skip breakfast most days as a way to allocate my calories better and more enjoyably but it's on my terms and not the clock's terms. I'll never be an intuitive eater but it brings me a tiny bit closer.