Just calories- Not macros

Can I still loss a decent amount of weight with just counting calories and not so much paying attention to my macros?

I’m 157 and trying to get down to 140. Female, 27 years old.


  • MikePTY
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    Yes. Weight loss is calories in vs. calories out.
  • kimny72
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    Calories for weight maintenance.
    Macros for satiety and minimums for health.
  • hawkydo
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    Thus need more protein to feel fuller longer imo
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    hawkydo wrote: »
    Thus need more protein to feel fuller longer imo

    Yeah, I agree. I have to really focus on protein or I fall short of the goal for protein and then hunger happens.
  • Bry_Fitness70
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    I have just been tracking overall calories and getting my protein minimums for a few years now - the mix of carbs and fat (within reason) haven't mattered.
  • cmriverside
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    There is a lot of new science out there that suggests calories are not all equal. Complex carbs are not ideal if you are trying to lose weight, especially visceral fat that is retained in the back and belly. The goal shouldn’t be just about losing weight but living a healthy lifestyle.

    I could have a calorie deficit and eat only ricekrispy treats. I might lose weight initially, but my body won’t be able to sustain that and other health problems, like type 2 diabetes may show up.

    Macros are important for long term health

    Generally it's recommended with weight loss to make sure to get enough protein and fats, which tends to make carbs fall in line. Most people who are eating in a calorie deficit really have to focus on this or nutrition suffers due to just plain old lack of calories. However, lots of people are active enough to eat quite a lot of carbs/treats/breads etc with no adverse effects on weight or metabolic issues like diabetes.

    Careful what you say round these parts. :lol:


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    OP I'm 7ish years into this whole process and I've never focused on macros. I've hit my weight and health goals with no problems, just by focusing on my calorie intake and then eating a fairly balanced diet that includes all of the foods that I enjoy eating. When I spot check I'm currently at 200g+ carbs a day.